Our Favourite Beaches in Menorca

Our Favourite Beaches in Menorca - A Pretty Place To Play

Both Mike and I are massive beach people. We love being by the water, and when we visit Menorca beach days are at the top of our to do list! While we've not explored every beach on the island (give us time), there are a few that we really like, both for chilling out on the sand and messing about in the water! 

Playa de Cavellaria 

This gorgeous beach is in a secluded cove surrounded by dunes, vegetation and high cliffs and is the perfect place to hang out for a day of lounging on the beach interspaced by some snorkelling! We were so lucky to swim over schools of fish and be able to explore rock formations not too far out in the bay - it's a great choice if you're curious about snorkelling or sea swimming as it's not too deep and there are lifeguards on hand. 

Cala Mitjana

Cala Mitjana is considered one of the best beaches in Menorca and it's an opportunity to experience swimming in a beautiful cove without a trek along the Cami de Cavalls. The water is clear and warm, you can swim out and explore the coast (watch the cliffs!) and if you're lucky you might see some cool sea life (like a jelly fish! So pretty, but I swiftly swam in the other direction). The downside of this beach is it's really busy, so get there early and leave before the crowds descend. 

Our Favourite Beaches in Menorca - A Pretty Place to Play

Cala Galdana

I think this might be Mike's favourite beach. Situated in the south of the island it's a sweeping bay of golden sand and calm sea that's perfect for a swim. It's even been awarded a Blue Flag for it's environmental credentials. The area around Cala Galdana is more built up than other beaches, so it's the perfect place to spend a day, with lots of restaurants and bars where you can grab lunch or a drink. It's also a good spot to base yourself when visiting the island. 

Playa Arenal den Castell

This is one of my favourite beaches to run to when I'm in Menorca, and it's also home to one of Mike and I's favourite restaurants - Restaurante Alcalde.  Although the area is quite touristy, the beach is quiet in the mornings and the bay is a really nice spot to chill out and swim. 

Our Favourite Beaches in Menorca - A Pretty Place To Play

Son Parc

Located in the north of the Island, Son Parc has a beautiful sweeping beach surrounded by lush vegetation and is the perfect place to stretch out and relax for the day. Son Parc is a quieter resort, but there's still bars and restaurants if you fancy a snack and you can hire sun beds if you really fancy bedding in for the day! The only downside for me is that the water can be pretty shallow, so I have to head further out if I want to snorkel - it's a hard life! 

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Snorkelling with Decathlon


And we're back! It's been a really full on couple of weeks what with a change in job and training ramping up it's taken me awhile to adjust to a new schedule in, well, everything. But we're back, and I'm finally able to share one of our favourite adventures in the Andaman Islands - snorkelling! 


The Andaman Islands have some of the best dive sites in the world. The water is clear and warm. There are beautiful reefs to explore and amazing tropical fish that swim right up to you, if you stay still enough. It's something else! Nothing is more special than getting in the water and exploring the other world under the sea!

Mike and I knew when we were planning to head to Andaman that we'd want to snorkel, but neither of us particularly liked the idea of hiring gear, I mean who knows whose mouth that snorkel has been in! Thankfully we were lucky enough to be hooked up with amazing Easybreath Masks by the guys at Decathlon, cool full face masks that let you breath normally.


I won't lie, we'd been eyeing up these masks for awhile, and were really excited to finally put them to the test. It's a good thing they didn't disappoint. In the past I've used normal masks and snorkels, but they've not always been comfortable. There's the issue of having something in your mouth, and having to regulate your breathing to deal with that, and fogging when you accidentally breath out through your nose (an issue for someone like me who practices nasal only breathing!), something which you totally avoid with the Easybreath. The big thing I was worried about was leaking, I didn't want to miss anything during my underwater adventure, and thankfully the seal held up perfectly! It was absolutely amazing being able to see everything clearly, especially when the fish swam right up to me, I can't begin to explain how beautiful they were! 

I really love the Easybreath, it really made our experience in the Andaman Islands, and I can't wait to get it out again in Menorca this summer! 

*Decathlon kindly gifted me the Easybreath Mask, my rash guard and board shorts, but all opinions are very much my own!