Eat Like A Pro with Beko

This post is in collaboration with Beko.

Eat Like A Pro with Beko - A Pretty Place to Play

The amount of change in my life over the last few weeks has been crazy! Quitting my job, starting a new job and taking on a PhD full time are all big things to deal with. However, they’re not as big as managing a drop in income. I make no secret of the fact I took a massive pay cut to go and do a PhD. I worked in finance for years and benefitted from everything that brings, including the freedom to buy what I wanted. Because I was so busy I’d routinely buy my breakfast/lunch/dinner, relying on the fact I could afford pre-packaged ‘healthy’ options. Healthy options that really add up!

.These days I’m just as busy (yesterday I left the house at 5.30am and got home after 10pm), but my budget means that bringing my on snacks on the days I’m out and about is a priority. Snacks like nuts, fruit and smoothies are perfect for life on the go, especially if you can prep them in advance. Nuts and fruit are easy, I just shove a handful in a snack pot, but smoothies are less straightforward. I love a smoothie, but they don’t do well if you make them in advance. They always go icky, the fruit turns an off-putting grey colour and an odd separation happens. Not very appetising. Which is where the Beko Vacuum Blender comes in. With the Vacuum Blender that doesn’t happen. Which is really cool, because no-one wants a grey smoothie.

So what is this voodoo? By removing air from the jar (that’s the bit where you put all the good stuff before wizzing it up!) the blender keeps all the nutrients, colour and taste of the lovely stuff you put in your smoothie for longer. Which means you can prep your smoothie in advance, without it going grey and icky (or it losing any of the nutrients). Pretty cool right?

As part of their Eat Like A Pro campaign in collaboration with FC Barcelona, Beko has put together loads of smoothie recipes to inspire you to eat more healthily and get the most out of the Vacuum Blender. Obviously I want to share the love, so here is one of my favourites. If it’s good enough for some of the best footballers in the world, they’re good enough for me!

Eat Like a Pro with Beko - A Pretty Place to Play

Coconut Smoothie

5 minutes/serves 1

300ml coconut milk

10g cacoa powder

30g coconut flakes

20ml honey or 2 soaked dates

3ml vanilla extract

25g hemp seeds

  1. Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

  2. serve

A quick, delicious smoothie that, with the help of the Vacuum Blender, can be prepped well in advance without losing any of their nutrients!

The Beko Vacuum Blender can be purchased here.

HiLo Lunches

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Winter training is ON, and I figure if I'm going to work my body hard in the cold I should be feeding it with nourishing food. However, I don't really cook (I can, it's just not my thing) and grab and go lunches are pretty standard when I'm running from one place to another. Together those are things that don't always add up to nourishing choices! Luckily a few weeks ago I was at yoga class and Tiffany popped by with pots and pots of salad from HiLo. It was pretty tasty stuff - layers and layers of veggies, some meat but not too much and allllll of the flavour. It felt like my body had been hit by a grenade of goodness and I knew it was food like this that my body needs for me to perform at my best. You can only imagine how excited I was when Tiffany turned up at my office a few days later with a bag full of nourishing lunches to keep me going (much to the enormous envy of my colleagues) and it was beyond a treat to have a stack of delicious, quick pots to grab every day.

Look at those hearty layers of green! The Sassy Satay Chicken on the left is my absolute favourite! There's something about the peanut sauce with the rice with the chicken, with the beans, and possibly the fact I ate it after a freezing evening of training, but this is the ONE. Luckily I don't have to choose one, because The HULK (that's the bad boy on the right) is also pretty amazing! You know how sometimes when you microwave pasta it goes a bit 'claggy'? Well that doesn't happen. It stays just the right density, and is covered in delicious, flavourful pesto that maybe makes me want to lick the bowl (really not the way to impress your colleagues...luckily I hid in the corner while I did it). Oh oh and then there's the Jerk Chicken!! Show me someone who does love the flavour of jerk chicken combined with fresh veggies and I show you a lier. It's something else! Now I'm hungry again. Just as well I've got a BEET IT salad pot in the fridge really. 

HiLo pots are £5 and stay fresh for 3-4 days, which means you can keep a stash in your office fridge (obviously with a post-it note declaring you've licked them) ready to grab when you get peckish. I think this is the trick to healthy eating, having stuff ready to go when you need it, and even though the pots are more expensive than left overs, if you find yourself nipping to Pret on the regular you'll probably spend the same and probably do a bit of impulse eating too (I see you coconut bars). 

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

There's so much more I could say about HiLo - how fresh the ingredients are, that the pots have up to your 5 a day in a single portion, that they're made in London using British produce, that they're sustainable as well as delicious - but maybe you should check them out for yourself?

What do you eat when you feel like you need to nourish your body?

**Big love to the team at HiLo for feeding me, of course all opinions are my own!