Your Pilates Physio Review

This post is in collaboration with Your Pilates Physio.

Your Pilates Physio Review - A Pretty Place to Play, London Running and Fitness blog

Training to run a race like The Speed Project takes a lot more than running. If you want to run strong for the best part of three days you need to be strong. Strength training, yoga and Pilates have all played a part in my training programme, helping me build strength, recover and improve my mobility. Pilates has also been great for managing some of the little weak points that have become apparent as the race has got closer, areas like my lower back which can be weak and buckles during longer runs, throwing my form way off and killing my performance.

When my lower back starts to feel strain it’s a sign (at least for me) that I need to work on my core, so that my muscles know to work harder to help me stay nice and upright. Although weight training and yoga help with this to some extent, the think that I’ve always found works really well for me is Pilates. Those simple (yet killer) exercises really help me to hold myself better, and if I’m doing then my lower back isn’t going to give way quite a quickly. Saying that, although I work for one of the best Pilates companies in London, I don’t actually get to many Pilates classes. Heartcore’s dynamic Pilates classes as often fully booked, or I’m too busy to make it to the studio when I’m not actually working myself, which is why I was thrilled to work with Your Pilates Physio for a review - I could fit Pilates in, at home around my schedule.

Your Pilates Physio Review - A Pretty Place to Play, London Running and Fitness Blog

Your Pilates Physio differs from the Pilates I practice at the studio. First off it is mat based (because most people don’t have a reformer bed at home!), and secondly it offers Clinical Pilates which is focused on helping people overcome physical injuries and pain conditions (whereas a studio like Heartcore is more focused on Pilates for fitness).

Founder, and experienced physio, Lyndsay Hirst, has a passion for treating musculoskeletal problems and she found through her work that Pilates exercises were an amazing way to help address and prevent many of the issues her patients were experiencing. Its something more and more physios seem to be in tune with, I’m pretty sure at least once a shift someone comes into the studio saying their physiotherapist has sent them as Pilates would help X, Y or Z problem. However, Pilates isn’t always very accessible - there aren’t loads of good studios, classes can be expensive and people are time poor, so Lydnsay launched Your Pilates Physio, a platform that allows you to access high quality PIlates instruction wherever they are.

Your Pilates Physio Review - A Pretty Place to Play, London Running and Fitness Blog

I chose to focus my Pilates workouts on my lower back (Lyndsay has a workout for most ailments) and because the website is so easy to use I could find the workouts I needed, for the length of time time I needed and at the level I needed simply and quickly. Each video moves at a really manageable pace, so it’s easy to follow each exercise either on screen or by listening to Lyndsay speak. There’s no banging music or distracting backgrounds, just good, clear instruction, which is exactly what you need when you’re practicing at home, alone.

Practicing Pilates at home a couple of times a week has made a big difference to my lower back. I feel a lot stronger and like I’m holding myself much better, and hopefully that’ll last through the 340 miles between LA and Vegas!

*I was given a month’s free subscription to Your Pilates Physio in exchange for review but all opinions are my own.

Bootcamp Pilates with Classpass

All this month I'll be trying out some of the best classes in London with ClassPass. I've already tried Reformer Pilates at Epoch Fitness, power plates at Powertone and now it's all about Bootcamp Pilates!

Reformer Pilates might be my new favourite workout (after running, of course). I love the challenge of dealing with the equipment, the fact the pace is so much slower and the fact I can feel even the tiniest most tucked away muscle work.

After my first experience at Epoch I was keen to see what other studios had to offer, and Bootcamp Pilates came highlight recommended! 

Tucked down a rickety staircase on Peerless Street (always memorable because of this book) and tucked behind a bright green door, the studio is warm and inviting, a mercy when it's so early! 

I found this class tougher than my first experience of Reformer Pilates - it definitely lived up to the 'bootcamp' tag! I don't know if it was because it was early, or because I was having a slightly emotional day, but I definitely felt challenged, especially when faced with tasks like moving the bed up and down slowly (massive undersell, trust me it was hard) and pushing ourselves in pikes as the Reformer shifted beneath our hands.

Throughout the class the instructor took the time to correct our postures and encourage us to work a little harder, while also offering modifications for the moments when our shoulders burned and glutes could take no more. 

Walking out of the class I was that special type of unsteady you are when you know you've worked. Not having worked out in the morning for a while (a really long while) I was surprised how refreshed and awake I felt, my head was clear and I was ready for ready that I even ran 10 miles later that evening! 



I visited their studio in the City

how much

join ClassPass for £89 a month and get unlimited access to classes across London

what to wear

stretchy pants and a vest

bottom line

a challenging class that'll make you feel awesome!

*ClassPass have been kind enough to give me access to classes across London for the next month, but as always all opinions are my own*

Pilates in the Park

My feelings about how amazing London is are well documented, I love that there is always something new to discover, a little corner you didn't already know, an experience you never knew you would have. However, it is sometimes easy to forget all of this amongst the daily grind and the (run)commute, that is where Secret Urban Escape comes in, and I was lucky enough to go along to their first event - Pilates in the Park.

As with any good pop up I didn't know where I would be working out, other than in a park within a mile of Manchester Square in central London. In the weeks leading up to the event we were drip fed clues which I took great delight in puzzling out, before being send coordinates of the exact location. Led through Hyde Park by google maps I was delighted to stumble across the camp set up by Tash and Iris complete with a beautiful picnic.

The spot was so picturesque it was impossible not to feel relaxed as Chloe Hodgson led us through a demanding session of dynamic Pilates in the sun. It was one of those classes that just made you feel great...although I really felt it in my core the next day!

Workout over it was time for a little brunch, courtesy of The Detox Kitchen - delicious pots of goodness, tasty juices and fresh fruit. Sitting there all relaxed and happy it was like we were in a little oasis in the city. Hyde Park isn't somewhere I go particularly often, and I am not really sure why, because it is quite lovely! I guess that was the point, Secret Urban Escape was reminding me simply how great my city is. 

Founded by the extremely lovely Tash and Iris (I mean these girls send thank you cards, that is how lovely they are) Secret Urban Escape hosts amazing lifestyle events at unique, unusual and extraordinary locations across London. Beautifully curated and lovingly thought out, there is no better way to experience the city in a new way! 

All photos kindly shared by Secret Urban Escape