Bacchus Half Marathon - Training Update

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It’s a month to go until Bacchus Half marathon and time for a training update. Being totally honest, my training plan has gone to shit. Running has defiantly been pushed down my list of priorities recently and I’ve sucked when it’s come to thinking laterally about how to work training into my life (thanks to my PT buddy Jessica for helping me work through this one!), so often it’s just not happened.

I’m not going to say that’s ok. If you want to do something challenging you have to put in the work, but I am going to acknowledge it’s not always easy and that it’s ok to reflect on what you’ve done and revise your plan. Which is exactly what I’ve done.

I am all for working with and listening to your body, but some times I think I do a little too much of that. One niggle, one tired day and I have an excuse not to do at least something. I’ve convinced myself I have no time or no energy, when if I took a step back and a breath I’d probably be up to a short session or be able to fit in 30 minutes - and you can do a lot in 30 minutes, both for your mind and your body. So that’s what I’ve been doing - designing short sessions I can fit in during a spare half hour to 45 minutes here and there, complemented by a long run and a fartlek or interval session - and it’s made all the difference. I’m training more frequently, but it feels more manageable.

For the rest of my half marathon training I’ll be using a plan from Runner’s World (you can find it here). It’s probably not the best plan if you’ve not run a half marathon before, or if you’re coming back after a long time away from movement, but for me it is great because it is flexible. The plan suggests 2-3 easy runs per week but it doesn’t prescribe how long these runs should be in terms of time/distance, so I’m planning to aim for 30-45 minutes because I know that’s what works for me. There is suggested milage for the long runs, but it is banded so that you can work out what feels best for you and adapt the plan, and the fartlek/interval sessions are all short and manageable which means they feel achievable. In addition I’m also planning three 30minute strength sessions a week (legs, core and arms, back and chest). Training plans and good intentions are great, but if you can’t make it work with your life them there’s no point, and this one feels like it will work with my life. Hopefully these will be the last changes I need to make before race day in September!

Have you found you’ve needed to revise your training plans? Why did you have to change things up? Let me know in the comments below!

image: Anna Rachel Photography