Cycling Essentials with B'Twin

Cycling Essentials with B'Twin - A Pretty Place To Play

A month in to being a cyclist in London and I have to say I AM LOVING IT! Seriously, Doris has changed my life. I love wizzing around London on my little red bike. The freedom is amazing, and I love the boost that being out in the fresh air gives me. It’s so much fun! Doris has definitely been a life changer!

Doris is pretty perfect all by herself, but there are a few other essentials that I reckon complement her perfectly, and I wanted to share them with you!

Cycling Essentials with B'Twin - A Pretty Place To Play

B’Twin 500 Cycling Bowl Helmet

Wearing a helmet when I cycle is super important to me. When we were kids my brother was knocked off his bike by a car, he broke his leg but was generally fine, but things could’ve been quite different if he hadn’t been wearing a helmet. I know lots of people have lots of different opinions when it comes to lids, but for me it’s a non-negotiable. I ride on the road in central London, I don’t know who is driving, who isn’t looking when they cross the road or what other cyclists are doing, so I’m taking no risks. Also, how cool is this helmet?! When your bike is a little frumpy (in the best possible way) a sleek racing helmet just isn’t the one, and I love how this one fits around my head and is easy to adjust with a simple dial at the back.

Cycling Essentials with B'Twin - A Pretty Place To Play

B’Twin 500 Women’s Waterproof Urban Cycling Jacket

I live in London. It rains here. This jacket is cool, both in looks and because it has pit zips, and practical because it’ll keep me dry and won’t ride up as I move. I do kind of wish it came in a colour that coordinated better with Doris, but it is bright and that’s important on grey days when you might not be so obvious to drivers (don’t worry, Doris came kitted out with lights too!). It also packs away into the rear pocket so I can stash it in my backpack when I’m not wearing it.

Cycling Essentials with B'Twin - A Pretty Place To Play

B’Twin 900 Mini Bike D-Lock

Having a foldie is awesome, Doris can go pretty much anywhere with me and tucks into most corners, but from time to time she needs to hangout at the bike rack and because she’s so damn pretty a decent D-Lock is crucial. D-Locks can be crazy cumbersome, but this one is nice and neat, so I can shove it in my backpack just in case there’s nowhere for Doris to hangout while I have a meeting.

Cycling Essentials with B'Twin - A Pretty Place To Play

CityMapper App

One of the things that I’d been most concerned I was most concerned about when I started cycling was finding safe routes around the city. CityMapper really came to my rescue, it’s got a setting that shows you the quietest route to your destination. This app has helped me workout where all the Quietways near me are and plan a route to university that’s 80% on segregated cycle paths! Finding routes that work for me have really boosted my confidence, and that makes a massive difference when you’re cycling in the city.

What are your cycling essentials? Let me know in the comments! You can also follow Doris’s adventures using the hashtag #AdventuresWithDoris!

* Doris was kindly gifted to me by Decathlon, along with her accessories, but as always all opinions are my own.