Protecting Your Eyes On The Run

Protecting Your Eyes On The Run - A Pretty Place To Play

Last week, while looking for advice on running when the mercury rises, I came across this post from Amanda. It has a lot of great advice, including something I’d never really thought about - the benefits of wearing sunglasses when you run. Ok, so maybe I’d thought about it a bit, after all I’m rarely seen without my Goodr sunnies and no one likes squinting, but Amanda put a new spin on things...

‘As the sun rises and you being to squint, your brain is working hard to help yours eyes, which has been shown to zap your energy…yup it all adds up! Relax the face, give your eyes a break!’

It’s never crossed my mind that something as minor as squinting would affect my energy levels and in turn my run, but actually it makes perfect sense! These days I’m paying more and more attention to the impact variables like hydration and nutrition have on my run, why should my kit be any different?

Protecting Your Eyes On The Run - A Pretty Place To Play

I’ve run in all sorts of sunnies in my time, from my RayBan wayfarer shades to super-light weight Adidas running sunnies which disappeared from my face one run (seriously, I had them and I didn’t, it was weird) and these days I think I know what I’m looking for when it comes to to the perfect running sunny.


You don’t want something that’ll weigh you down when you’re focused on your run. I know it sounds OTT, but it really does make a difference, when I switched from my RayBans to a specialist running sunny it was the first thing I noticed.

A comfortable fit

Nothing is more annoying than glasses that need to be pushed up every 5 minutes, so a comfy fit is essential. Try shaking and nodding your head as well as running on the spot to see if the shades stay put. Of course you also need to be careful not to go too tight and risk discomfort, but as with so many things in life when you know you know.

Grips in all the right places 

This is what sets running specific glasses apart, they’re designed to stay on your face and often have specifically engineered grips on the arms and bridge to help things along. The grips are discreet, but they make all the difference and your glasses won’t bounce off your face!

Durable design

Think about what your kit goes through when you run, you want glasses that are going to be up to the job and won’t shatter if you drop them/shove them into your race pack/generally treat them with mild disrespect. A scratch resistant treatment also really helps.

UV protection

This is a big one, but after all the point of sunglasses is to protect your eyes! Look for polarised lenses that offers 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. Polarised lenses help prevent glare, especially handy for road runners.

Protecting Your Eyes On The Run - A Pretty Place To Play

The thing that’s always held back running sunglasses is their looks. Until pretty recently they were, let’s just say pretty ugly. But things move on, and these days there are some amazing shades out there! These are some of my favourites.

Protecting Your Eyes On The Run - A Pretty Place To Play


My current sunnies of choice, I love that Goodr makes awesome looking affordable glasses that tick all of my boxes when it comes to performance. I've been rocking a pair called Sunbathing With Wizards which I understand both Gandalf and Dumbledore are fans of. I'd definitely trust their opinions. Goodr sunnies aren't widely available in the UK, but thanks to a collaboration with 361 you can pick the up online!

Protecting Your Eyes On The Run - A Pretty Place To Play


So many people I know have been wearing SunGod glasses this summer (including lovely Tasha!) and every time I've seen them I've been so impressed, they look awesome! What's really cool is that SunGod glasses are fully customisable - so you can wear something totally unique to you! Plus they're designed for active lifestyles, so tick all the performance boxes too. 

Protecting Your Eyes On The Run - A Pretty Place To Play

Tierra Sunglasses

Corey wore these glasses on a shoot recently and I was pretty taken with how great they looked! I was even more taken with their price point, just $20! These would be the perfect choice if you're prone to losing or breaking glasses (you know who you are!), or if you want a pair for every day of the week, which would be easily done with all the cool designs on offer!

*image of Corey by Anna Rachel Photography, image of Tasha shamelessly lifted from her blog.