My Favourite Sunscreens

My Favourite Sunscreens - A Pretty Place to Play

It's that time of year when I seem to spend a disproportionate amount of time smearing white goo all over me in a slightly desperate attempt not to burn (only to find I missed a spot and have weird patchy sunburn across my stomach). Fellow Celts will sympathise, summer is TOUGH if your ginger. Especially if you're ginger and you like to play outdoors. 

When I was a kid I hated sunscreen. It was thick, gloopy and left a weird whitish tinge on your skin. My Mum's proudest achievement is that I never burnt while she was responsible for slathering me in suncream, so you can imagine quite how much of that gooey mess I came into contact with! These days formulas have improved and applying sunscreen is no longer a painful chore, some times it's as simple as spraying myself with a deliciously coconutty mist. In fact, I've become pretty obsessed with the stuff, always on the hunt for the best formula for different occasions. I'm sure I'm not the only sunscreen obsessive out there, so I thought I'd share some of my favourites, tried and tested by a ginger!

Coola SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray Tropical Coconut

I used this spray SPF in Ibiza and became a total convert! It’s big selling point is how easy it is to apply, I find spearing on gloopy cream tedious (and I always get some in my eyes!) so it was so nice just to be able to spritz and go! The aerosol gives you nice even coverage even in the hard to reach parts and it smells amazing, like a tropical cocktail! The only downside is the spray is expensive and doesn’t last all that long.

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid SPF 50+

This has been my day to day go to for a few years now. I really like how light the cream is while still giving good coverage. The bottle is so light and portable, but a little goes a long way so it lasts for ages.

Shiseido WetForce Water-Resistent UV Protection

I’ve not tried this one myself, but I’ve heard amazing things! The SPF is actually boosted by water, so it’s an awesome choice when you're swimming, snorkelling or running. I really want to get my hands on a bottle! 

Aptonia Sun Spray SPF 30

This one is a total bargain, compact and it kept me from going pink during all my adventures hiking in France, what's not to like? It is a little more traditional in terms of texture, but it’s still great when you need solid protection you can rely on.

What's your go to sunscreen? Is there anything I need to check out!

*images: Anna Rachel Photography