June Training Recap

June Training Recap - A Pretty Place To Play

Erm how is it the end of June already?! This month has been EPIC. Marathon training is well under way, there’ve been some fun races and I got to go explore some amazing new places. The straight up joy I’m feeling about life right now is something else, I just can’t describe it. However, I can recap what I’ve been up to for the last month!

June Training Recap - A Pretty Place To Play

So, I am all signed up for Bournemouth Marathon after deciding to push back the ultra. There’s a few reasons I made this choice, but ultimately it feels right. I’m super excited to run Bournemouth, it’s a special place to me, and after the 10km last year I know I’ll have a blast running along the coast. Training is, once again, in the hands of Chevy Rough, and we are, once again, taking the Power, Speed, Endurance approach. The big element missing from my last training cycle was strength training. I was going through a really stressful period and I don’t think I could have handled more than running, but now life is a better place I am all about complementing my running with lifting heavy stuff! Most of this month’s training has been focused on exactly that, building my strength and making sure my form in the gym is spot on. I’m seeing progress and I’m loving every moment of it, nothing makes you feel like more of a bad ass than lifting heavy things!

Running has really taken second place this month, at least in terms of my training plan. However, that means I’ve been able to get a few fun races in, hit Park Run with my crew and generally have a bit of fun, especially on the trails of Ibiza! You can read about The Lady Garden 5k here,  and my Grachtenloop 10k race report will be up next week! I also loved that I got to mix things up with some hiking in the French Alps - I always forget how much I love hiking, and it was awesome to go and climb some big hills! It’s pretty nice to be able to freestyle for a bit, especially after months of my running being really structure and then being out due to illness, although I am looking forward to getting in to the real meat of marathon training. Albeit in the heat. Ouch. It’s also nice to see a bit of progress in my running, even though I’ve not been focused on it. My times are down and I feel like I’m keeping my form more consistently when I run, which can only be a side effect of all that strength training. 

June Training Recap - A Pretty Place To Play

The real highlight of this month has been the opportunity to forge connections with other runners. Community is what running is all about, and getting to spend time with my crew and the 361 Ambassadors has been really good for me. I feel energised, excited and like nothing can stop me. It’s pretty special. It’s hard to generate energy to be creative and keep going on your own, and I am mega lucky to have a whole tribe of amazing people who’ve got my back. 

So, what does next month have in store? I reckon July will be all about trail running somehow, oh and whatever coach has up his sleeve! 

What did your training look like this month? 

*images: Anna Rachel Photography, 361 Degrees and Natasha Wynn*