Tried & Tested: Modibodi Underwear

Tried & Tested: Modibodi Underwear, A Pretty Place to Play

Ever since I came off the pill a year ago I've been exploring all the ways there are to manage periods. Not having had a proper period for years means that loads of new products have emerged on the market, and gone are the days of choosing between bulky pads or tampons bleached with loads of chemicals. One of the most interesting developments - at least for me - has been period underwear.

Tried & Tested: Modibodi Underwear, A Pretty Place to Play

Ultra absorbent, machine-washable and designed to be worn throughout your period, I've been curious about whether these pants really work and if they could be a sustainable and convenient way to manage my periods. After all, tampons and pads are a serious burden on the environment, creating tonnes of waste, and a reusable alternative can only be a good thing! However, I did wonder whether or not period pants would be up to the job, or if I'd end up chucking out another really nice sheet because I'd leaked all over the bed. So, I did what anyone would do, waited until I got my period, made sure the bed was made up with sheets I didn't like and slipped on a pair of Modibodi Underwear

Modibodi produce beautiful, functional underwear designed to make women feel safe, sassy and sustainable, all day. Their pants have been tested to within an inch of their lives (during development they carried out close to 1,000 scientific tests to find just the right fabric) and are patent protected. All pretty impressive, but do they hold up?

Tried & Tested: Modibodi Underwear, A Pretty Place to Play

I tried the Active Brief, designed to be used alone on light-medium days, or as back up on heavy days (we've all been there, an extra layer can be reassuring!). The undies fit and wear like a regular knicker, although the gusset is a little bulkier than normal and it felt a bit like I was wearing a pad that was a little too wide, which took some getting used to. What really surprised me was the fabric - Merino Perform. We've known for a long time that Merino is fantastic fabric for performance sportswear, but it's never crossed my mind that it could be used for undies. However, it makes perfect sense - Merino is breathable, odour-eliminating, quick drying and moisture-wicking, which in combination with Modibodi's Modifier Air Technology™ means that everything stays cool and dry. And it really works! I was really surprised that the morning after trying out these undies my sheets were saved and I felt really comfortable. You know that feeling you get when you use a pad? You know, heavy and damp and a bit grim, well there was none of that. No mess, just comfort. It was a real shock! 

I'll defiantly be getting a lot more use out of my Modibodi undies, and I'm keen to put them to the test during sweaty workouts to see if they make a difference. What's also really cool about Modibodi is that you can gift a pair to a woman in need, helping her to have a dignified period at a difficult time. 

*Modibodi kindly gifted me a pair of their Active Brief undies, but all opinions are my own*

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