Tried & Tested: FLY LDN Base Flow

FLY LDN Base Flow A Pretty Place To Play

I really like FLY LDN. I like their attitude. I like that they aim to be inclusive, not many studios include an FAQ on participation with a disability. I like that they focus on form and movement. I also like that they invited me to try out their yoga classes. I shared how much I loved the Low Impact TRX class a couple of weeks ago, so I was really excited to get back in the studio and see where FLY LDN were at when it came to yoga!

The yoga on offer is no nonsense. If you're not into incense and chanting, then these are probably classes you'll enjoy, stripped back, lots of focus on form. I'm obsessed with form. All the work I've done on my running form has bled into the rest of my life, I can see the difference it makes, not only to my performance, but also to how I feel. You feel strong when you're holding yourself properly, and in this class hands on adjustments make sure your on point. I know not everyone is into adjustments, but I love them. I love knowing what it feels like to do things right, and knowing that my body is moving well and, crucially, I'm not at risk of injuring myself. Every marathon runner's big fear. 

FLY LDN Base Flow A Pretty Place To Play

The studio space itself is lovely. Calm and dark with the quirky addition of a large screen taking up nearly a whole wall. A wall that transforms into beautiful mountain and ocean scenes during the class, scenes that seem to flow with the music. It sounds like it could be a gimmick, but it's actually really soothing. You're transported out of the studio and your practice become immersive. It was pretty special.

The 45 minute class is perfect when you're short on time or extra tired (I was extra tired, hormonal stuff), an easy flow to bring movement to a body that probably isn't so into moving, opening up all those sticky parts. It's the ideal class for a beginner, or for anyone who's been away from the mat for awhile. If that's not you, well then there's a bunch of other classes that could be a great fit, I'm particularly excited to try the Slow Flow!

FLY LDN Base Flow A Pretty Place To Play

FLY LDN offers a variety of yoga, barre and TRX classes and for a limited time your first class is £10! Get in while you can and experience these fab workouts for yourself. 

*FLY LDN kindly offered me the opportunity to try out their yoga classes, but all opinions are my own.