Hydration For Runners

A Pretty Place To Play Hydration for Runners

I'm obsessed with hydration, especially in the run up to a marathon. I can feel a difference in my physical and mental performance when I'm even a little dehydrated, so it's really important to me to always have water on me at all times. Sometimes I pop a hydration tablet like Nuun in if I feel extra dehydrated, and if I'm feeling fancy I like my water fizzy, but the constant is I am always drinking. 

When I'm not keeping my fluids up I'm checking my pee to make sure I'm hydrated. Seriously, your pee can tell you so much about your body, and how you're likely to perform when you're running! The goal is pee the colour of light lemonade. A nice pale yellow. Clear and you might be taking on a bit too much fluid, which can be risky. If it's dark yellow and smells you could be dehydrated. Hitting the middle ground is where you want to be. 

Day to day I try and keep hydrated by carrying a bottle of water with at all times. I sip little and often, and crucially having water on me means I never have those moments when I realise I've not drunk for hours! In my time I've been through a lot of water bottles, and I'm pretty discerning about what I like. Any bottle I use has to be robust, it's going to get thrown around in the gym and in my bag. On that, it also needs to be leak proof, the last thing I need is for the contents of my bag to go for a swim! It also needs to be easy to clean, with no fiddly filters I know I wont replace and no funny valves that'll get all gunked up. It's not a big list, but you'd be surprised how many bottles just don't live up to my expectations. Which is why I was really impressed when I tried the ion8 water bottle. 

A Pretty Place To Play Hydration For Runners

You have to be sceptical of anything that makes big promises. Big promises like being 100% leak proof. But so far the ion8's locking cap has proved it's up to the job, no little accidents despite the free flowing valve (excellent for rapid hydration). I also love that the bottle is made from BPA free plastic, I try to avoid BPA and it's nice to have an option other than metal or glass, especially as this bottle holds hot and cold liquids. Plus the be little button on the flip lid is fun to play with. 

I never knew I'd be so picky about what I drink from, but this bottle ticks all my boxes.

*ion8 gifted me a bottle, but all opinions are my own.

**images: Elle Linton