Tried & Tested: FLY LDN Low Impact TRX

A Pretty Place To Play Tried & Tested FLY LDN Low Impact TRX

Why don't I use TRX more in my strength training?! It's such a versatile piece of kit, delivering a challenging yet low impact workout that's the perfect compliment to run training. At least it is when the class is at FLY LDN

Tucked away in the city, FLY LDN is an oasis of calm offering mostly yoga, but also barre and low impact TRX training. What makes it really interesting though is that the low impact programme is designed by a physiotherapist who's also a Crossfit coach, so the workouts make you sweat while being kind on your body. It's an approach that appeals to me as a mindful mover, and the class is a particularly good fit for me as developing strength becomes a bigger part of my training.

A Pretty Place To Play Tried & Tested FLY LDN

Classes at FLY LDN are kept small. No more than 5 people. Which means lots of one on one attention to form and performance, the space to work at your own pace and support where you need it. All things I massively value when it comes to training, and which I believe are key to getting more people moving. There's no pretence in this studio, it's truly open to all irrespective of shape, size, gender or experience. Yes, it's not the cheapest way to work out - it's a boutique studio in the city - but if that gets people moving in a way that's safe and supportive, well then I'll overlook it. Fitness is a broad church and there is something out there for everyone, in every price bracket, these studios are one of many options. 

I love functional fitness, and the low impact TRX class really delivered. Warm up was a mixture of crawls, lunges, planks and squats. No impact, but enough to get your sweat on. Next up was 10 minutes using the TRX to sweat hard and exhausted my arms through single leg squats, bicep curls and squats with what I can only describe as throwing your arms out - as many reps as possible in the time on the clock, perfect form all the way. Classes that emphasise form over reps will always win my heart, and I feel like there's a gap in the market in London. Sweating my ass off (seriously, wore cotton leggings because they were all I could find that day), it was on to another 10 minutes of hamstring curls, pikes and burpees (but not your average burpees, they were slow, deliberate and sans jumps) - again, as many reps as possible. The class was rounded off with a tough AMRAP for 8 minutes, which left me on the floor. Literally (it had been three weeks since I'd done much meaningful training, my fitness was on hiatus). Who knew low impact could be so tough?!

I left FLY LDN dripping in sweat (should've made use of their lovely showers - top marks for changing rooms, products and decent hair tools) and with creeping DOMS, but satisfied in the knowledge that I'd had a really good quality workout that would compliment the rest of my training. Will I be back? Absolutely! 

FLY LDN offers a variety of yoga, barre and TRX classes and for a limited time your first class is £10! Get in while you can and experience these fab workouts for yourself. 

*I used classpass to visit FLY LDN which I pay for myself, and all opinions are my own.