Hot Yoga Wish List

A Pretty Place To Play Hot Yoga Wish List

Making hot yoga part of my training has given me a lot - better posture, increased flexibility, a calm mind, and of course an excuse to buy some new kit! I worked out pretty quickly that the gear I wear when I run isn't necessarily always well suited to sweating it out at Fierce Grace. While I'm on the road I need a supportive bra, somewhere to stash my phone and my snacks and shoes that'll see me through the miles. In the yoga studio I need tights that'll hold up to some serious sweat, a mat that won't let me slip and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Obviously this means an excuse to go shopping! 

OK, maybe I don't have to go shopping, I am a woman with a crate of kit under her bed, but it doesn't mean I can't window shop! There is some lovely yoga kit out there, so if you are looking to invest, here are my picks! 

When I'm picking out what to wear to a hot yoga class I look for leggings that have a high rise (because I don't want to flash my butt in class), are made from a light weight material which I know passes the squat test, and which look cool, because why wouldn't you want to look cool? Both of these sets (L: Varley, R: Heroine Sport) tick all my boxes, and I love that the bras have solid coverage and good solid bands under the boobs. Although strappy yoga bras look ace (I wear them a lot day to day), they're just not up to the job if they're all I'm working out in, and I need something a bit more substantial. 

One of the big differences between running and practicing hot yoga is the amount of stuff I end up hauling about. Even when I've got all the kit with me, my running gear is fairly minimal. However, when I visit Fierce Grace I need all the stuff - mat, towels, water bottle, DOP kit, changes of clothes - so a solid gym bag is a must, and I love this one by Sol and Selena. Although I tend to use the mats at Fierce Grace, if I was going to buy one I'd be all over this gorgeous marble number by Yogi Bear! Hydration is seriously important when you practice hot yoga, you're seriously sweating and sipping water regularly makes a massive difference. Yeah, you could use any old bottle, but this one is fun. And sometimes fun is good. 

The best thing about hot yoga is definitely spending time in a warm, cosy studio - Fierce Grace Brixton's studio is like walking into a lovely, snug cave. However, after class you can get cold, quickly. So always best the layer up and wear your zen on your sleeve with an On The Rise sweatshirt that says it as it is.

Something that I have noticed, and it's a bit of a random one, the pants I wear while doing yoga make a difference. They need to be comfy, fit well enough not to rise up and be able to deal with sweat. I love the look of these hipster pants from Dear Kate which are designed to see you through even the toughest workout. Yep, sports pants are a bit extravagant, but trust me you'll never go back after that level of comfort! 

What's on your hot yoga wish list? 

*images used with kind permission of Fashercise