The Run Down 13/3


It feels like so long since I've shared a run down. About a month ago I moved into a new role, and between a busier diary (but no more travel!) and my marathon training ramping up life has just felt mega busy. Plus I'm brutally aware that the more I train, the more I need to rest, so naps have had to take priority! At least that's what I'm telling everyone...

Training right now is awesome. I'm six weeks out from Edinburgh Marathon and, so far, feeling great. It's been really eye opening changing how I train, gone is a huge load with tonnes of milage, and in are interval sessions, split runs and strength training. I've found that this more mindful approach to training means that I'm paying more attention to my body, I often find myself thinking about how things feel, and I'm able to respond to that, at the moment it's my glutes that need work so I can keep my ITB niggle free.

One of my aims is to keep myself in the best condition I can, and as well as taking what I feel is a really sensible approach to running, I'm also seeing a massage therapist every other week. Katie is awesome, although she's testing my pain tolerance as she kneads out my ITB and keeps everything knot free. Mixed in with lots of rest and regular magnesium baths, investing time on the massage table and into working on my mobility is keeping me feeling good. 


Over the last month I've been making the effort to work more yoga in to my routine. It helps that I'm an ambassador for Fierce Grace Brixton and get to crawl into their cosy yoga cave on the regular! Their Deep Core class is my absolute favourite, I love how it seems to focus on all the muscles I need to work on as a runner, and its slower and precise pace is perfect for me and feels like it's making a difference. 

One of the things I struggle with when it comes to marathon training is eating. Sounds weird, but making sure I eat enough can be a challenge. I'm quite lazy when it comes to food, and can often forget to eat dinner. Likewise, if I'm having a busy day lunch might not get a look in. When you're training for a marathon it is so important to eat. Food is such a core component of recovery. It's the building blocks of your body. With that in mind I'm making eating a real focus. Mike does most of the cooking at home and using his skills as a bit of a feeder to remind me to eat, Everdine deliveries mean I have a constant supply of delicious meals in the freezer and a special delivery from Grenade means I have lots of yummy snacks to tuck into after training! It all counts towards my body having what it needs to recover and help me reach my goals.

Right now I feel in a good place. So much of my life has been focused on work, training or resting, that I've not had much time to do much else. It's kind of nice being in a routine and feeling really settled in myself. I'm focused and feel in control of my training. External influences aren't getting to me, I don't doubt the plans my coach has and I am totally committed to follow them through. I'm confident enough to do what's right for me, there's no FOMO. I feel content. Which is absolutely my favourite way to be. Here is to it lasting, and to an awesome marathon at the end of May! 

*image: Anna Rachel Photography