Love Trails


Towards the end of my time at Birkbeck I started to think about what I wanted to do next. After two years of working like a crazy thing I knew I couldn't go back to 'normal', that I needed something big to focus my mind. I also knew that I wanted 2018 to be the year of running. It's difficult to articulate how much I missed running while I was studying. It really tore me up not being able to train the way I wanted to train, but something had to give. After a pep talk I'll be forever grateful for, running gave. But now I'm picking it up again. With gusto, and nuts plans. Nuts plans that include a hell of a lot of trails, and trail running is something I've only ever dabbled in. Very lightly.


It's intimidating trying new things. It requires bravery, and humility, and sometimes are heavy dose of inspiration. Which is why I am extremely excited to be an ambassador for Love Trails Festival 2018. Bringing together inspirational speakers, workshops to take your running to the next level, films, music and probably quite a lot of beer, it's the type of place I need to be this year as I up my game and take on bigger challenges as a runner. Plus the Gower is beautiful and I think it might be turning into a family trip with Mike and my parents coming along for the ride. Flora has yet to respond to the family Whatsapp message. (seriously, anyone know if dogs are welcome? Flo would LOVE it).

MARCH LTF2018_Poster_04 - instagram_02.jpg

A quick look at the agenda and I'm already so inspired and looking forward to checking out workshops like trail running for beginners and navigation (which would be a great idea given I don't have a route for Brixton2Brighton yet), as well as catching up with some of my favourite runners, listening to speakers like Charlie Farrant and maybe my coach Chevy Rough (although I get that voodoo on a weekly basis...), running some trails and listening to some music. Oh and beer, because I understand that's a key element of trail running. Let the inspiration commence! 

Will I see you at Love Trails? 

*Thanks for being understanding about my collaborations, I make sure I only bring you things that I'm genuinely passionate about and that I think you'll really love!

**Photography: Anna Rachel Photography