The Run Down 2/3


It recently struck me how much I do, see and absorb in a week. I read a tonne, listen to loads of podcasts and music, watch TV, train, chat to people, work and think. It all whirls around in my head and I rarely remember it all, let alone share it. So I've decided to start sharing a weekly run down each Friday with all the stuff that's been going on in the last week, but that maybe wouldn't get its own blog post or mention on social media. 

I have a couple of big shout outs this week. Actually it's rare to have a  week where my awesome friends don't do something brilliant, but I want to send some big love to Charlie for smashing her PB at Tokyo marathon AND scoring her sixth star. A marathon superstar! The other person who I'm super proud of is Big Carl, who has just become an Asics FrontRunner! I am so proud of this dude, he is the loveliest person and a real inspiration for runners everywhere. 

Even though my MSc is over I still get my hands on the odd journal article about sport and society. My former supervisor popped me over a link to this article a couple of weeks ago and the article it talks about fascinates me. It talks about why women run ultra marathon and about the relationship runners have with pain, and how central pain is to our identities as runners. Definite food for thought.

A big task for me this week has been - and I really wish I could think of a sexy way to put this - cleaning up my Instagram feed. I was following a lot of people, and I didn't necessarily LOVE everything that was coming up on my feed, so I decided it was time to review who I was following. My feed is not much more focused on running inspiration and people I really care about, and I'm really enjoying the refreshing new look! 

Guess who came to visit me! Corey! Corey is one of my favourite runners, she is so full of life and has been an awesome friend to me, so it was lovely to sit down and catch up over dinner. Plus she brought me Pro Compression socks. And I am VERY excited about them! They'll be very handy when it comes to marathon training too.


I love me a rest day, and this week's #restdaybrags are both TV related! I've become totally addicted to Strike, which is unexpected because I don't usually watch suspense filled dramas. I'm gutted we're almost at the last episode, but I guess there's always the books (and Rosh assures me they're very good!). On the flip I've also been binging on Derry Girls, which is very funny and very easy to watch (so good when you're tired). 

On Monday I headed to Anytime Fitness St Pauls to chat all things marathon with Olga Stignii. It was an interesting conversation, and while I didn't agree with everything that was discussed (I've been brainwashed by Chevy about recovery!) it was a good reminder that I really should start thinking a bit more about nutrition and shoes, because 12 weeks will pass quickly! 

Talking about marathons, this week has been a good training week. Last week was a bit off, I was travelling a lot, and frankly I just didn't fancy getting personal with my foam roller. Which was a dumb choice because by Monday I was mega stiff and foam rolling hurt like hell. Live and learn. Between a few strength and mobility sessions, some painful foam rolling sessions and a trip to Another Space for some yoga, I am feeling a lot better, the hips are looser and hopefully I'll be ready to take on the track imminently. 

Oh yeah, and I decided a date for my ultra, Brixton2Brighton. 22 September 2018. Come run with me for a few (or many miles), goodness knows I'll need the company. 

The big thing this week has been my medication review - a regular check up I have to make sure that my anxiety medication is working and I'm in the best health possible. Recently I've had trouble concentrating, been really tired and had some headaches, and as soon as I mentioned this to the doctor he recognised them as the symptoms of depression and increased the dose of medication I take each day. I'm still processing everything, but I'll share a fuller update next week.

I guess I should also mention the snow. It has snowed. A lot. And is VERY cold. I'm over it. 


So there you go, the Run Down of my week. and to round things off, a few quick fire questions:

Instagram crush of the week - @fatgirlfit2015 - Lisa is the loveliest. I love following her adventures in OCR (no women works mud as well) and her workouts with PT Vinnie. Go follow her!

Song of the week - Sigala and Paloma Faith - Lullaby

Podcast of the week - Table Manners with Jessie Ware - Jessie, and her amazing Mum Lennie, talk to a whole host of famous faces over a home cooked dinner. It's warm, funny and you'll fall in love with Lennie.

*Image: Anna Rachel Photography

** top and mug: Sarah Marie Design Studio