London Winter Run 2018


Whatever else is happening in my life, wherever I'm at with running, this is a race I always make time for. Four years, four races, four amazing experiences. Amazing experiences not because of PBs (epic as they are, and I know quite a few superstars who bagged some today!!), but because of who I was with and where I was! I'm sure I've said it so many times before, but there's something really special about running in your favourite places with your favourite people. It's this type of running that I'm passionate about, and I want everyone to experience it!!

This year London Winter Run was on of the biggest 10k's in the UK, with over 20,000 people who took to the streets, ran, walked and danced through the streets on a freezing morning. It's been amazing watching this race grow over the years, and it just keeps getting better and better! Urgh I just love it. I also love that I ran into so many awesome people before the race - it feels like every runner I know was there and it was great to catch up and chat with people, especially the legendary Elle Linton!


Elle and I have been friends for years, we're run a lot of races together and we always have a great time together. Because Elle was recovering from a virus, and I'm keeping running to a minimum while I focus on strength and form, our strategy was to take it easy, ignore our watches and as long as we could keep chatting we were doing good! The Winter Run is perfect for this type of running, the setting in phenomenal and you really get to experience everything this race has to offer - there are penguins, yetis and huskies and yetis to high five, snow storms to run through and of course polar bears to hug! I always feel that if I was pushing for a PB I wouldn't get the full experience. Plus it's a great excuse to catch up with a friend! 


Although I'm marathon training, right at the moment I'm really focused on improving my running form, which means I've cut my milage right back and, if I'm being totally honest, 10k feels like a push right now. With 16 weeks to go to Edinburgh I'm sure this will change, but today this is the longest distance I'd consider taking on, and only at an easy pace. However, today's time did surprise me - 1:04:51 - must be residual fitness and all that strength training paying off! I felt really strong through the whole run, my posture felt good and my core held me like it's supposed to, no stooping here! The only irritant was my shoes, they're knackered out and I've got blisters on both arches. It's probably time for a new pair, but I'm reluctant to as my aim is to transition to a natural fitting shoe and hopefully I'm not too far off being strong enough to deal with that without too many risks. 

Did you run today? Let me know how you go in in the comments! 

*I'm really privileged to be an ambassador for London Winter Run, but all opinions are my own