Running Challenges for 2018


HAPPY NEW YEAR! How was your celebration? We went big and headed to Brixton Rooftop with friends to see in the New Year to the classic tunes of So Solid Crew (last time I saw them I was 21 and in a club in Ibiza. I can confirm they've not changed at all!). Today was spent nursing a shot-induced hangover (Mike made some killer Skittles vodka for the event), pottering round and eating all the good food - the perfect start to 2018!

In my last post I shared that one of my intentions is to make running adventures a priority in 2018. As well as running a marathon and my first ultra marathon (!!) I also want to take on a few milage challenges. These challenges are a fab way to challenge yourself, make friends and, if you're a stats nerd, see how far you've come - quite literally! Plus if there's a Strava badge in it, well then that's a bonus!

Here are a few of the challenges I'm getting involved in:

Lululemon 40 | 80 Challenge

A great little challenge to kick of 2018, this one asks you to clock up either 40km or 80km between 2 and 15 of January, earning you a unique badge for all those mindful miles. No treadmill miles allowed, this one is all about getting outside and enjoying your run! Join the challenge here, and follow along with the hashtag #4080challenge.

Run Talk Run Run the Equator 2018

Run Talk Run is a fab social running group set up by my friend Jessica which is committed to being open about mental health. For 2018 the group mission is to run the circumference of the world together - a total of 40,075km! As well as being a way to build a strong, supportive community there's also the opportunity to win some lovely prizes and contribute to a pretty insane goal! Join the club here

Run 1000 miles in 2018

A classic annual challenge, and one I think is within my grasp this year! Sign up here and follow along with the hashtag #1000milesin2018.

Are you taking on any milage challenges in 2018? Let me know in the comments and add me on Strava so I can follow your progress!

**image: Anna Rachel Photography