A Catch Up


It's been awhile, but I am finally back! It's fair to say a lot has been going on over the last few weeks, and not a lot of it has involved training.

After two years of working my nuts off (to use my Dad's preferred phrase) I finished my MSc. Handing in my thesis last Thursday marked the end of juggling work/studying/life and all the stresses that came with that, and while I absolutely loved it (no honestly, I did!), I am also really looking forward to a bit of 'normal' life and the opportunity to focus on running and writing again. I have some exciting projects underway and I'll be working with some really amazing people over the next 12 months, so while I can't say much for now (sorry to be that person) I am really looking forward to this change of focus. 

The other big change that is afoot is that after more than two years together Mike and I have decided that we quite like the idea of hanging out with each other well into the future, so we're doing the moving in together thing! As we speak I am packing up my belongings and leaving the lady cave (our flat is really dark) I've shared with Emma for the last few years. This is a flat I've really grown in, and I love, so it is a wretch to leave it, but I am really excited about the move and about spending a bit of time focusing on my relationship, which couldn't always take priority while I was studying.

There has not been a lot of running happening in the last couple of weeks, particularly considering that the #2x10k race weekend is less than two weeks away! I had anticipated this would happen, being busy and stressed left me exhausted and in no real place to train (although I still made it to Ministry religiously!) so I'm not being hard on myself, but I am planning to up my game over the next couple of weeks! 

Here's to the future!

*Image: Anna Rachel Photography*