Snack Time


I've got a pretty busy life. Living in London, working, studying, training and travelling, it sometimes feel like I'm bouncing all over the place, because usually I am. Living life like a human ping pong ball means you often end up eating on the go, and when you have to grab something between appointments or at a train station it's not always easy (or possible!) to find something decent to eat, so carrying snacks is essential! Over the last few months I've really honed my snack selection, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites. All of these ones are pre-packaged so that you can throw them in your bag and for get about them, until you need them...

Kind Bars - you know exactly what's in a Kind Bar, because you can see it. And they taste delicious. I like dark chocolate and sea salt best.

Graze snacks - I've been getting Graze boxes for years and I love how their individually (and sensibly!) portioned snacks are now widely available. The spicy siracha nuts are hot hot hot and delicious!

Urban Fruit - baked so it stays soft and squishy, plus they're one of your five a day and you can keep a bag of them in your bag for ages!

Mindful Bites - this stuff is the dream! These products are nutrient dense, yet they taste like a treat. I also really love the company's focus on mindful eating and thinking about what you put in your mouth.

Pulsin Brownies - well balanced nutrition meets taste, these are brownies that taste like a treat but aren't too bad on the healthy eating front. Plus no refined sugar means no energy crashes (something I can be prone to).

Tribe bars - I always forget I have a Tribe subscription, so it's always a nice surprise when a box of delicious snacks lands on my doorstep each month. These bars contain all natural ingredients and are balanced to help you perform. Plus they taste nice. 

Go Bites - I was sent a huge box of Go Bites a little while ago and they've become a staple in my snack box (yep, I have a snack box). They're totally natural and keep you going all day. I especially like that there are different Go Bites for before/during/after exercise, so your body is getting what it needs, when it needs it.

The Primal Pantry Bars - vegan, free from pretty much everything and made only with whole foods, these bars are snacking gold. Plus they actually taste good!

Popchips - sometimes you just really fancy some crisps, and while Popchips are by no means healthy, they are probably a bit better than some of the alternatives out there (here are some thoughts on the matter). Plus they're pretty widely available.

**I get to try lots of samples - including the massive box of Go Bites I was sent - however all opinions are my own**