#2x10k Week Three (and Festival Essentials)


Last week's training didn't really go as planned. I mean I ended up in hospital didn't go as planned. My hospital visit wasn't to do with anything caused by training (a nose bleed that just wouldn't stop), but it did have a pretty major impact as it meant I couldn't train for a week. It turns out that when you lose blood you probably shouldn't do exercise for a bit. So I didn't, which means this week's training round up is pretty light on content!

However, lots of other cool stuff did happen, like Wilderness Festival! It was only a flying visit (one night only because of other commitments) but we had a total blast rolling in glitter, drinking all the gin and dancing in a field. We got caught in confetti, ate some lovely food and caught up with friends we don't see enough of. Although I probably shouldn't have drunk quite so much gin on a dodgy stomach (possibly TMI, but ingesting blood irritates your tummy), I was still beaming through the adult headache the next day. If you get the opportunity to go next year do it, it's wonderful! 

Obviously my flying visit to Wilderness got me thinking about my festival essentials! This is a list that I'm still refining, but here's what was in my bag at the weekend:

1. a bum bag - yup they have naff connotations, but my Hershel Supply 'Hip Pack' (a bum bag by any other name) is awesome at festivals! It holds all my essential bits and bobs, is strapped to me (so I can't mislay it in a gin induced haze) and means I'm hands free. 

2. glitter - all of the glitter. Roll yourself in it. Both Mike and I are like moths to flames when it comes to glitter, and I am super proud of this year's DIY effort (using this glitter and these gems). I am already plotting my look for South West Four at the end of the month.

3. denim shorts - I remember reading once that Michael Eavis swears by denim cut offs when it comes to festival style, and I totally agree. They're hardwearing, have pockets and are comfy. Perfect.

4. wipes - I don't normally use wipes, but festivals are one of the times that I make exceptions (and weirdly in hospital, that wipe after having my dressing removed was bliss!). Nothing beats a lovely refreshing cucumber wipe when you wake up feeling groggy. 

5. your squad - bring the people you're going to have fun with. Bring your boyfriend who loves sparkles and will look after you when you get a little bit squiffy. Bring friends you've not seen in ages who'll gift you an amazing hat. Bring people who dance. Bring people who make you happy.

What are your festival essentials?