#2x10k Week Six


Running was like a dream this week. Although I only made it out twice (more on that later), both times I felt like I was flying. After too many months of feeling like I’ve been pulling myself around, forcing myself to move, I felt comfortable. It was awesome!

So why only two runs after I said I needed to run more? Well my period arrived, and for the first couple of days I tend to hold off doing too much exercise, just because for me it doesn’t feel good to do anything too strenuous. Exercising while you’re on your period is a pretty personal one, but for me it’s a bit of a no go until my flow is lighter and my cramps have gone (and I get killer cramps!). I’m going to be sharing much more about exercise while you’re on your period over the next few weeks, so watch this space!!

I’m not totally sure what my workouts will look like over the next few weeks because life is about to get really busy. Not only is my dissertation due in in a little over three weeks (I feel sick typing that), but I am also moving house and celebrating some special occasions! It’s going to be pretty intense, so I am giving some thought to how I’ll fit in my training, and crucially how I can get the most bang for my buck from each workout! I suspect I’ll need to get over my aversion to  at home workouts (something I’ve not always been great at!), but also that I’ll need to be really kind to myself and realise that for me rest is an important part of managing my stress levels. What I know for sure though is, no matter what, I’ll get through it and ‘do the thing’ (Jen that phrase has stuck with me!).


So this is what this week has looked like:

Monday – rest/dog walking

Tuesday – STRENGTH at Ministry Does Fitness

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – Pilates at Heartcore

Friday – 3 mile run

Saturday – Park Run followed by a two mile run home and lots of dancing at South West Four Festival!

Sunday – more dancing at South West Four!

The fitness highlight of this week has to be Brockwell Park Park Run with Mike. I really like it when we do things like this together, although I have to work really hard to bite my tongue and hold off coaching Mike!! Unless he asks it is not my place to teach him how to run! Brockwell Park is super hilly, so it does make for a challenging Park Run (probably not one for a time trial!), but it’s a lovely park and has some great views of the city. Plus a bit of hill training never did anyone any harm! I also finally got to try out RIDE sunblock. I mentioned RIDE a little while ago when they were crowdfunding to get off the ground and was excited to finally put it to the test. The product itself was quite thick and relatively difficult to blend in, especially as it had a beige handling tint. However, once I had blended it it was not going to budge! It was like having another layer of skin, and it lasted beautifully though a hot sweaty run, I was pretty impressed! It's definitely not one for the beach, but for a long run or bike ride it is perfect! 


South West Four has to be the non-fitness highlight of my week! This is my third year of dancing away the Bank Holiday on Clapham Common, and it was so nice to take a break from writing and be outside listening to some amazing music. We were really lucky this year and had VIP access so were able to watch some of the acts from the side of the stage, which was really special. It was also awesome to have two of my best friends, Emma and Becca, join us on Sunday. Because life has been so hectic for all of us over the last few months we haven’t managed to spend much quality time together, so it was just lovely to sit in the sun and chat with them before throwing some shapes to Deadmau5, obviously! Plus it was an excuse to cover ourselves in glitter!