#2x10k Week Five


I think I need to run more. I've been thinking about it this week and although I'm getting stronger and my cross-training is on point, I've not actually been running that much. Which is ironic because I'm training for not one, but two races. Saying that I am reluctant to run too much, I tend to find that three runs a week is my happy place, but at the moment I'm barely making two. And often one of those is more drills than miles under the feet. I need those miles under my feet, it's the only way I am going to get my endurance back (and I REALLY miss my endurance), so going into week six (!) that's my focus, miles under my feet. 


So, this is what went down this week: 

Monday - walking 

Tuesday - STRENGTH at Ministry Does Fitness

Wednesday - rest - I was travelling for work all day, which really takes it out of you

Thursday - Pilates at Heartcore Notting Hill

Friday - dog walking!

Saturday - 5k run (with Mike and Flora) and dog walking

Sunday - dog walking and a 6 mile run

Sunday's run was so difficult, but mile four I was struggling. I'm not sure if it was the hills, the drizzle or the really nasty chafing between my thighs, but I was not feeling it. So you know what I did? I hauled myself to the top of a hill (and I will not lie, I walked at least part of the way up there) and threw myself down on of my favourite sections of trail. And it felt so good. It reminded me how it feels to fly. It didn't mean that the run was easier, but it was much more manageable. It gave me the push I needed to get through it (along with all the amazing supportive messages from friends, you guys are the best!). 


Of course, last week's workout highlight was messing around with tyres! I have wanted to flip tyres for so long, and have been waiting for the day that they come out at my weekly STRENGTH session, and trust me it lived up to all my hopes! I felt like such a bad-ass. In fact it was a double whammy session as I also managed my first ever pull up, I couldn't stop grinning, and Nat had to remind me I needed to keep going and the 30 second set was not up. I was buzzing for the whole day afterwards!


Obviously Flora has to be the non-workout highlight of last week! If you've been following my Instagram stories you'll know that I've been back in Oxford looking after my family's dog Flora, a very enthusiastic cocker spaniel who has the energy of a toddler who has drunk a bottle of Pepsi. She is also mega cute and Mike spent the weekend pandering to her every need in a bid to persuade her to love him. It seems like his tactics were successful, because by Sunday she was all over him and more or less ignoring me. I'm pretty sure he was feeding her illicit snacks! Other weekend highlights include a pool party and BBQ and loads of awesome Greek food and ice cream! 

How was your week?