Moreno Boxing


I like feeling like a bad ass when I train, and nothing makes you feel more like a bad ass that putting on wraps and slipping your hands in to a pair of boxing gloves. 

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited down to Moreno Boxing in Clapham Junction to check out two of Moreno's signature classes - Technical Intensive Boxing (TIB) and Intensive Boxing Cross-Training (IBXT) - taught by the man himself, Carlos Moreno. It was an awesome experience, although I've boxed a little before, unlike a lot of classes we were being taught the skills we would need to actually step into the ring and fight (should we want to, don't worry Mum it's not happening any time soon) and there was a real focus on being technically accurate as well as on working hard! 


First up was TIB Training, an innovative approach that uses technical boxing drills and workouts that aimed to help us learn, develop and refine our skills by improving our coordination, power, speed, balance and agility, not to mention our mental performance - you have to focus if you're going to box! I loved how TIB Training challenged me mentally and physically, you have to be constantly thinking about what you're doing and what's coming next, it's fantastic if you want to escape the pressures of every day life and be in the moment! Plus over time I imagine it would really help build your discipline, which can be helpful in a life full of distractions.


Up next was IBXT, which I have to admit I sat out! I'd already had a pretty intense PT session that day, and I decided that this challenging workout might be overdoing things! IBXT combines boxing with cross training using a huge array of equipment including kettle bells, battle ropes, weights and so much more. Again, every exercise is designed to improve a specific aspect of your fitness and enhance your boxing performance and it means that overall you'll become fitter, faster and stronger! It's also   really adaptable training method, which means that pretty much anyone can get involved, not something you'd always expect from a boxing gym! 


The whole event was an absolute blast, from learning to box to catching up with friends and enjoying some yummy food from The Urban Kitchen and delicious smoothies care of Elle at Borrow My Blender. It was awesome to hear from Carlos and understand what his intention is behind Moreno Boxing and how passionately he believes that anyone, irrespective of age, fitness or background, can benefit from boxing training, both mentally and physically - you can see it in his drive and focus alone! Yes, the idea of boxing is scary, and I get a few raised eyebrows when I say it's something I enjoy, but I reckon everyone should give it ago, its a fantastic workout and it sharpens your mind, what more could you want?! 


**Big thank you to Moreno Boxing for inviting me along, and to the amazing Eliza Flynn for organising such an awesome event. All opinions are my own. Images courtesy of Eliza**