5 Reasons to See a PT (with WeGym)


A few weeks ago the guys at WeGym asked me if I fancied joining them for a PT session. It has been years since I last had any personal training. I think I was probably around 16 when I last saw a trainer consistently (while I was preparing to spend a month trekking in Ecuador), and although I’ve had the odd session in the gym to put training plans together, actual PT sessions just haven’t happened. 

Heading to their studio in Angel I was a little apprehensive, it’s at the back of a shop packed with protein products and musclebound guys who looked like they could crush me with their pinky (and were also absolutely lovely and supportive), but once I got going I loved it! My PT Buzz and I decided that we’d spend the hour introducing me to lifting heavy, something I’ve wanted to try for ages but would never have the confidence to do on my own. It was so intense but I felt safe in the confidence Buzz was there to make sure my technique was on point and to encourage me to push myself beyond my expectations when it came to how much I could lift! Turns out I am much stronger that I thought I was and I loved picking up the big weights, it made me feel like a total bad ass. 

So why should you give PT a go? 

1. It will build your confidence - have you ever been in to the gym and felt intimidated because you don't know what to do or where to start? I think this can be one of the biggest barriers for people who want to get fit, and a PT can help you overcome some of those challenges by working with you to understand the equipment, how it works and what it can do for you.

2. It’s personal - everyone is different. Just because I love slamming balls it doesn't mean that you will, so we all need to work out what works for us. A PT can help you with this, and they might just come up with some moves that you never knew you'd love.

3. It fits into your schedule - living in London is hectic, and it can be difficult to squeeze workouts in to a day that is busy with work and social commitments. Working with a PT gives you some more flexibility, you can only workout at 6am on a Tuesday? That's cool!

4. It’s focused - everyone has different goals, and however good a group fitness instructor is they're not going to be able to help everyone workout in a way that achieves these goals. A PT can.

5. It’s cheaper than you thought - One of the biggest barriers for me to this type of training has been cost. PT sessions do not come cheap, and I just can’t afford to commit to spending hundreds of pounds a month on training. However, WeGym have promised to change that with an innovative model which aims to make PT training accessible to everyone. The idea is to democratise access to fitness, starting by giving ever Londoner a trainer and making it a fun and affordable experience.

I would definitely train with the guys at WeGym again, if only for the big sweaty hugs when the job is done!

*WeGym invited me along to check out what they're up to, but all opinions are my own.*

*image: Anna Rachel Photography*