#2x10k Week Four


How have four weeks passed already?! It’s all a bit disconcerting really, not because the races are getting closer, but because it means that my dissertation deadline is also getting closer. I’m trying not to think about it too hard, but I am definitely stressed about it. In an odd way this isactually quite reassuring as I had worried my medication would dull that sense and I’d loose the drive that comes from a healthy amount of stress. However, now it’s here I do need to make sure I manage that stress so it doesn’t get out of control. I can already feel my sleep slipping, and now is the time to take action before things get too much, which means really listening to myself, something I got lots of practice at last week. 

Through most of week four I was absolutely exhausted. Like crawling home from work and having a nap exhausted. Partly the fall out from week three’s trip to hospital and partly the aftermath of my weekend at Wilderness, but I haven’t been that tired in quite a while. So I paid attention to that tiredness. I cut back on my training (or should that be gradually reintroduced it). I replaced runs with walks, took time to do a little restorative yoga, went to bed early and made sure I ate good food and stayed hydrated. Basically I cared for myself. Yes I slowed down compared to other times in my life, but that’s ok because it’s what I needed, and by Sunday I was ready to start pushing myself harder again. Which is just as well because I found myself careering around the city in an attempt to be London’s Fastest. 


Nike's London's Fastest Night was a pretty unique experience which took us on a night time tour of the city in what I can only describe as a crazy urban fell running experience. We ran through multi-story carparks, through maze like streets, up and down stairs an ramps and across bridges, all in the the shadow of some of London's most iconic landmarks. The aim was to work as a team, move fast and hit all the checkpoints and challenges along the course to beat the rest. I love running with other people, it always makes me push myself, and this time was no different, which was awesome after taking things easy for the rest of the week. Even when I felt like I might vomit. But we'll blame that on the muggy weather! As always with Nike events the production values were insane, with the race starting and ending in the Tate Modern's Engine Hall, which was like something else! Music was blaring, lights flashed and the visuals were amazing, we were fully submerged in the atmosphere. Plus it's pretty special running up and down those ramps!  Definitely worth all the queuing before the event!


This is how this week stacked up - 

Monday - an hour's walking

Tuesday  - Strength at Ministry Does Fitness

Wednesday - rest day

Thursday - Pilates at Heartcore; Backpackers (lots of drills, breathing exercises and planks. Loads of planks)

Friday - Restorative Yoga at Good Vibes

Saturday - rest rest rest. 

Sunday - London’s Fastest Night


When I’m writing these posts I like to think of a non-fitness highlight for the week. It’s a practice inspired by a couple of my good friends, and it was the reason I started this blog in the first place, so that I could remember the good things in life. I think it’s a good habit. This week isn’t so much about the grand gestures of life, but more the little things. Hanging out with Mike, getting a burger from Honest after London’s Fastest, going to bed at 9pm on Saturday night. All the low key things that actually make life pretty great.

How’s your week been?