#2x10k Week Two


I had last week off to write my dissertation. Which meant I wrote some of my dissertation and went to the gym, a lot. It's also why it's 8pm on a Monday and I'm eating my dinner from a tuppawear, humming DJ Khaled and trying everything to put off looking at the 6,000 or so words I've written (only 6k to go!).

I can't be the only one who finds that as soon as they stop their whole body crashes out. Inexplicable (actually probably really explicable) tiredness hits and all those good intentions for what you're going to do with all your free time go out the window. That was me at the start of this week. I was silly tired. I actually skipped my Monday run because I was whipped and although I made it to an easy yoga class at Sky Garden on Tuesday I ended up bailing part way though STRENGTH at Ministry Does Fitness because I felt sick. After extensive (grumpy) analysis I worked out that actually I hadn't really eaten properly for a few days (SweatLife and travelling got me all out of schedule) and my body telling my to buck up my ideas. Which I did, and I pretty swiftly felt better. It was a reminder that I probably needed, but I was still annoyed that I had to leave Laura's class!

Once I fed myself up, this is what went on...

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - yoga at Sky Garden; STRENGTH at Ministry Does Fitness (well, 10 minutes of it)

Wednesday - super east 25 minute run; DIY arm workout

Thursday - hour PT session with WeGym; boxing masterclass at Moreno Boxing

Friday - rest day

Saturday - 30 minute easy run

Sunday - cardio dance class with Fran; 40 minute easy run

Once I got over crashing out during STRENGTH there were a lot of fitness highlights this week! Learning how to lift heavy with the guys at WeGym was an awesome experience, although I was left hurting for days! Weights are defiantly something I'd like to emphasis more in future training plans, and I'm already looking into how I can make that happen in a way that really works for me. Heading up to Sky Garden for early morning yoga was pretty special, although next time I will try to remember my mat. It's a challenge doing vinyasa flow on a marble floor. Although I worked with it. Honestly, it wasn't the best yoga class I've ever been to, it was worth it to check out the views and I'd go again with friends!  Thursday night at Moreno Boxing however was the best! I got to hang out with some of my favourite people (and finally met Carly in real life, she is all I had hoped she would be!) and brush up on my boxing skills, which is always handy. The hangs (I only discovered this phrase this week. I like it) continued on Sunday when, against my better judgement, Corey persuaded me to go to a dance class. It was far less mortifying than expected, and and insane workout. I ended up in just my bra (the sign I have worked hard). It was a pretty great week.

This week's non-fitness highlight was that my best friend from high school came to visit! I met Anna when I was at school in Swaziland and would spend nearly every weekend with her family being fed amazing food by her mum and generally escaping the challenges of a boarding house (however lovely your boarding school, it will never not feel institutional). We hadn't seen each other in more than 10 year and for the last four have been living on different sides of the planet (me in London, her in Melbourne) so it was lovely to hang out, catch up and reconnect, even if it was just for a few hours. 

How was your week?