#2x10k Week One


It's Monday morning and I am still in bed, half listening to Don't Salt My Game, flicking through Instagram and trying to work out what I did last week. Which means it must have been good! Either that or I'm trying to do too much at once.

Ok, let's get to it.

My training for #2x10k is based around Robin Arzon's 12 week to 10k plan from her book Shut Up and Run, with some tweaks to make it a little more me. Generally I use a off the shelf training plan, but I will usually tweak it a bit to make it a little more me. Maybe I'll drop a run, add some pilates or switch around what I do on any given day. I don't think anyone should be following an off the shelf plan by the letter, after all it's not designed to fit your schedule or your body, so sensible tweaks are more than necessary. 

This week looked a little something like this...

Monday - 35 minute run

Tuesday - STRENGTH at Ministry Does Fitness

Wednesday - Cage Runners with Chasing Lights Collective

Thursday - 40 minute run

Friday - Rest - active recovery - walking to and from work

Saturday - SweatLife Festival - 45 minute Psycle spin class, 45 minute Heartcore TRX and rowing class

Sunday - Rest - active recovery - exploring Brussels

Plus I found loads of street mirrors while I was out and about. 

On reflection there was rather a lot going on, it's no wonder I had problems recalling it all! There were a few real highlights in the week - the first was Cage Runners on Tuesday where I spent some time with Chevy really focusing on mindful movement and running form. I've spent some time on my form in the past, but these things are always so easy to forget so reminders are more than necessary. As is looking up when I run. Apparently I have a problem with that. And core stability. I have a problem with that too. Just as well I hit STRENGTH on Tuesday and challenged my abs with TRX on Saturday really. That brings me to the second highlight - SWEATLIFE FESTIVAL! Hosted by Lululemon Sweatlife is a celebration of sweat, endorphins, knowledge and connection. All the good stuff. I am so thankful for the opportunity to absorb myself in the Lulu bubble, take time to reflect on my goals, try some new things (I am gradually gradually getting over my spin related issues and my side plank is coming on nicely thanks to the loveliest team at Heartcore), listen to some inspiring people (Amy Hopkinson's Nan) and connect with myself (gong bath!!) and some lovely lovely people who I don't see enough off. Plus the guys at Malin + Gotez gave me a facial, so week made. 

The final highlight of my week is nothing at all to do with exercise, well unless you count miles of walking around Brussels, but let's call that active recover. Nope, the highlight was that Mike and I have been hanging out in an exclusive life lobster type of way for two years! We're pretty pleased with ourselves about it and very big fans of each other. I really couldn't ask to hangout with anyone better. We celebrated by doing our favourite things - drinking cocktails (at First Aid Box), eating pizza (at 500 Degrees Pizza) and taking a very casual trip to Brussels for the day. It was ace! I'll share a little round up of our highlights later this week - they mostly involve food, beer and a very odd statue.

How did your week stack up?