Over the last week or so you might have noticed #2x10k appear alongside some of my posts on Instagram. Up until a couple of years ago I was a prolific runner, I had a couple of marathons under my belt, was significantly fitter and could run a half at the drop of a hat. Then life - or more specifically my MSc and anxiety - got in the way and my fitness fell away. I simply didn't have the time or space to workout any more. I half heartedly dipped in and out of running and fitness classes, but the consistency wasn't there and today my running performance just isn't what it was. 

As I neared the end of the taught part of my masters I started thinking about what I wanted to do next, and the answer was obvious - RUN. So I've set myself some running challenges. I'll be unveiling each challenge over the course of the next 12 months, but #2x10k is the first step - two 10ks, in two separate cities, less than 24 hours apart. At 4pm on Saturday 7 October I'll be taking part in Bournemouth 10k, and then at 9am the next day I'll be running alongside hundreds of other women at the Women's Running 10k in Finsbury Park, North London. No biggie. I don't want these to be half arsed races, I want to enjoy them and I want to be proud of my performance. Now's the time to get focused, be consistent and have some run. 

This challenge came about accidentally. My lovely friend Beki is an ambassador for the Women's Running race series, so I figured it would be fun to run a race with her. I signed up, and promptly forgot all about it. A few months later Mike mentioned that his Dad was keen to take part in a race and had suggested that we (Mike, his brother and I) all join him for Bournemouth half marathon. None of us were up for training for a half (I still have to write a dissertation after all, the academic fun isn't quite over), but we did all agree to sign up for the 10k. Then I realised I'd be racing twice in one weekend. Obviously I don't want race FOMO, so I figured I'd just do both.

I've shared more details about my training plans over on Locker Room Chat, the Ministry Does Fitness blog, but in short training for 10k's in the same weekend shouldn't be that different from training for one. However, I am intending on making 'consistency' and 'strength' the mantras throughout - hence working with Ministry Does Fitness to get me super strong, and committing to a 12 week training plan. I'll also be paying close attention to my recovery and nutrition - friends who do multi-day races have suggested that will be key! I'm excited to get started and to see what I can do!