Doing the Double


If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that every so often I'll jam two workouts into one day. Usually it's because I really want to run with my crew in the evening, take a specific class or I know that I'm not going to have much time to workout for the rest of the week. While two workouts in a day sounds tough it's actually something I love to do, it keeps my endorphins going all day and it gives me an immense sense of achievement. I love going to bed feeling like I've really worked, and that feels great. 

However, doing the double takes a bit of organisation, and over time I've worked out a few tricks to make sure that everything runs smoothly...

1. Think about what workouts you're taking on so that you don't overload yourself - if I'm doing two workouts in a day I'll try and make sure they're different and they compliment each other, so maybe Pilates in the morning and a run in the evening. I also make sure the workouts I choose are challenging, but not super intense.

2. Pack the night before - two workouts means two sets of kit and double the risk of forgetting something (usually underwear, it's always underwear!). I use drawstring bags (the type you get with Sweaty Betty orders) to keep everything organised, with one bag of clean stuff and one bag for dirty, and I'll lay out all my kit the night before to make sure everything is there!

3. Fuel yourself - one of my big mistakes when I started doing double workouts was not eating enough. I'll usually do my first workout in the morning on an empty stomach, having had a big dinner the night before so I have the energy put put into training. If I've not managed to eat well in the evening then I'll usually shove a Primal bar face-wards on the way to the studio. Once my workout is done I'll then really focus on eating well (and enough!) and staying hydrated through the day to help my body recover and get ready for workout number two! Typically I'll have something protein heavy for breakfast with fruit and coffee, a morning snack, a solid lunch of protein, veggies and whole grains, another snack and maybe a smoothie in the afternoon and a coffee before workout two. Oh and a massive dinner after workout two!

4. Don't overdo it - doing two workouts in a day is all well and good until someone gets hurt. Listen to your body and if you need to drop a workout, drop a workout. It is your training and you need to work with your body, a gym class is not a competition. This is one of the best fitness lessons I have learnt.

5. Invest in your recovery - doing the double puts your body though a lot, so be kind to it! Warm up properly, stretch out, foam roll and pop some magnesium, your body will thank you for it! 

Above all have fun!! Workouts are just games, be playful, don't take it too seriously and enjoy life.

What are your tips for doing the double?