My Happiest 5k


I wrote a few weeks ago that if there was any race that was going to tempt Mike back to running it would be The Color Run, and I don't think I have every seen him as happy as he was running through clouds of colour last Sunday! The man was in his element from the moment the MC announced that a 'runnercorn' (that's a running unicorn, obviously) would be presiding over proceedings), revelled in throwing coloured paint around and was sorely disappointed not to catch one of the pairs of colourful socks that were being thrown out in to the crowd! It's safe to say The Color Run was a hit. 

Set against the backdrop of the magnificent Wembley Stadium, the Color Run attracts a diverse crowd, with everyone from kids in fancy dress to seasoned runners turning out to revel in the party atmosphere. The Color Run has a real emphasis on community - which is what I'm all about when it comes to running - and it was awesome to see so many people gather together, try something new and generate a fantastic atmosphere.


The 5k course itself isn't the most inspiring - the loop around the outside of Wembley is essentially an industrial park, and the views aren't all that, but honestly that's not why you're there. You're there to prance through the clouds of colour that mark each kilometre and to magically transform yourself it to a sparking running rainbow! 

I have to admit I was pretty disappointed to come out of the first colour station with not even a hint on green on my bright white t-shirt. I'd tried so hard too, arms in the air and everything, and my disappointment was only compounded by the sight of Mike covered in green paint and beaming like a pig in muck. Life isn't fair sometime! 

I did however get into my element in the Cloud Foam zone, which I can confirm was just as good as the foam party I went to age 17! There is something endlessly fun about playing around in bubbles, and I just couldn't help myself but stop to mess about for a bit! 

As we approached the finish line were were rainbows, covered in paint from head to toe, and all that was left to do was to join the after party and fling round yet more colour! I don't think either of us have so much fun in a long time, and The Color Run was a great excuse to let go over everything - whether that's the stressed of life or the competitive element that can sneak up on you when you run - and just be playful. 

You can check out my previous review of The Color Run (from goodness knows how many years ago) here.

**Many thanks to The Color Run for inviting us along to join in the fun. As always all opinions are my own**