#TeaForBicciesNotDiets - Poppy's Story


A couple of weeks ago I shared my campaign against detox teas, #TeaForBicciesNotDiets. The response was amazing, so many people shared the message (and pictures of themselves enjoying a lovely cuppa and a biccie!), it really made my heart sing! One of the people who got in touch with me amongst all of this was Poppy, who told me that she'd once been on a teatox and, in her words, 'it was the worst experience'. Keen to understand more I've asked Poppy to share her story. 

I'm so excited to share my teatox story with you - because as I said it was pretty terrible but now I look back on it also rather amusing. So here are my answers to your questions. 

Can you tell me a little about what got you interested in a teatox, and ultimately why you made the decision to go on one?

So it was just after Christmas in 2015 that I did it - I had fallen into the trap of that new year new me rubbish and after eating my own weight in chocolate at Christmas I was feeling rather crappy about myself. I wanted a solution that would give me results fast and after looking at all the detox tea marketing, I thought it would be the quick fix I had prayed for. I do remember doing a little research before I finally decided on buying the detox tea, and as I said looking at all the "before and after" snaps on insta I so badly wanted to be in the shoes of the girls in these photos and loose the extra winter weight. 

Do you remember what brand you used? What attracted you to it? 

The brand I used was Bootea which I bought from Holland and Barratt. I was attracted to the brand as they had a very good social media presence and seemed to have a really good relationship with their customers. Additionally the fact that they were stocked in Holland and Barratt immediately made me think that they were a genuine brand who delivered what they said they did. 

Did you think much about the ingredients in the tea before you started your teatox?

This sounds pretty awful - but no I didn't. I didn't really care as long as I lost weight and fast. 

How did you feel on your teatox? You suggested it wasn't a good experience, why was that? 

So I actually didn't finish the teatox just because it made me feel so ill. I only did it for about 7 days as opposed to 14. I got so ill that I had to call in sick to work a handful of times. Despite following the directions to a "T" (pardon the pun), I got awful headaches, felt very fatigued and had some very uncomfortable stomach cramps. I remember the third day was awful; I was in bed close to tears all day because of the stomach pain and headaches. 

What were your thoughts and feelings after the teatox? Did it change anything about how you perceive your body or your health?

I actually felt very ill for a long time afterwards. So immediately afterwards I felt more crappy than I did before hand. On top of that I had lost a small amount of weight, but as I said I felt so awful about my physical health it wasn't worth it. It was a very painful price to pay for such little results. However in the long run I feel that doing the teatox actually taught me a very valuable lesson - there is no quick fix to weight loss. I've also (with the help of a few of my loved ones around me) come to terms with the fact that I am never going to be a size 8. I'm 5 ft 10 with muscular thighs and wide hips. But that's okay. I'm now just focusing on being a better version of myself physically and mentally. 

Thank you so much to Poppy for sharing your story, and the lessons learnt, I totally agree that there is no quick fix for weight loss. If you are looking to lose weight please speak to a qualified professional, a PT, nutritionist or dietician, who can help you achieve your goals in a healthy way that makes you feel good!