I am obsessed with sports bras. Seriously, I could talk about them for hours. I have talked about them for hours with Helen (also a bra fanatic). I truly believe that a good sports bra can be the difference between a good workout and a bad workout, especially when you're running, when the last thing you want to do is think about your boobs. 

I have tried a tonne of different sports bras in my time and there are now a few things that I look out for when I'm investing in a new one, and the Shock Absorber Ultimate RUN bra ticks all of my boxes.

Soft and Seamless: chafing is the worst, no one wants that horrible moment in the shower after a run when your back starts to sting and you realise you've scratched your back up, and the fabric your bra is made of makes a real difference. I prefer a bra made of a soft, sweat wicking material and with no seams that can rub and irritate my skin, particularly because I have a skin condition that makes it really susceptible to breaking.

serious scaffolding: when you run your boobs more in what is essentially a figure of 8 when you run and could move up to 5 inches - that is serious bounce. I don't want anything distracting me when I run, including my boobs, so I like to opt for a bra that holds them firmly in place and offers a genuine support system - Shock Absorber's Ultimate RUN bra has an Infinity-8 support system which does just that and keeps any movement under control for a much more comfortable run. Based on research by the University of Portsmouth (2009) Shock Absorber's Ultimate RUN bra reduces bounce by up to 78%! That's really quite a lot.

straps that don't slip: I hate it when my bra straps slip down, and no one wants to be hoiking them up every five minutes during a race, or just as bad having them dig in (a sure way to chafing and sore shoulders), so nice non-slip padded straps are a must. I prefer a racer back personally because I like the freedom it gives me around my shoulders, but many bras offer multiple options, which is great! 

a back opening: I can't be the only person who has struggled to haul a sweaty bra off over their head after a run. It's the worst. I'm genuinely surprised I've never gotten stuck. The result of a few to many awkward experiences means a bra with a solid back opening is a must. 

decent size availability: I wear a less usual bra size, which can make finding bras a little tricker. I also believe all women should have access to properly fitting bras, so I look for companies that make bras for melons of all shapes and sizes from A-G. Shock Absorber do just that. And even the big sizes look nice. This makes me happy. 

So there you go, my bra essentials. I don't think they're a big ask, and thankfully nor does Shock Absorber, their Ultimate RUN bra make my runs a lot more comfortable, and it's nice to know my melons are safely encased in their very own, very comfy boob fortress (Mike's term for all sports bras). 

What do you look for in a sports bra?

**Thank you to Shock Absorber for my lovely orange bra, I love it, but as always all opinion are my own**