Hot Yoga with Everyone Active


Over the last couple of months I've been far less diligent than I've been in the past when it comes to yoga. I'm definitely not practicing every day (in fact I'm lucky if I get time on my mat once a week) and now that I'm back running more my body is feeling my lack of practice! Everything feels a bit stiffer than it should, and with muscles crying out to be eased up I jumped at the chance to head to the Queen Mother Sport Centre to check out their hot yoga studio. 

Walking in to the sports centre I was taken right back to my childhood and memories of swimming lessons and roller discos (North Berwick Sports Centre had legendary roller discos, it was THE place to be on a Friday), there's something about the smell of chlorine that makes me come over all nostalgic! The centre was immaculate, forget the scuzzy edges and stray plasters of the sports centres of your past, this was clearly a place people cared about. The changing rooms were spacious (not something you always find in boutique gyms where you can end up getting changed on top of someone else), there were hairdryers and decent showers and my only gripe was that you needed a quid for the lockers (luckily a fellow gym goer traded me some change for a pound coin). There was everything you needed to be comfortable.

Walking in to the studio was blissful. Again it was immaculate, and between the low lighting and warmth I felt like I was in a little cocoon. My muscles started to thank me nearly immediately, and were so happy when our teacher Jyoti started to ease us through a sequence of Bikram influences poses. I am a massive fan of yin yoga, I find holding poses for long periods the best release and extremely restorative, so I loved the time we spent working on each pose and allowing our bodies to relax into the hold, the tension melting away. 

At an hour long the class was the perfect length for me (for some reason I get a bit restless after more than 60 minutes of yoga) and the class would be perfect for newbies to hot yoga (there were several in the room!) as the class was small and it wasn't too intense (I am ever mindful of how intimidated I was the first time I tried it). 

Walking out of class I felt totally restored, my body was more relaxed than it had been in weeks and it was like a weight had lifted off each of my muscles with a wave of relief coursing through my body. Pure bliss. 

**Everyone Active invited me to check out their hot yoga class, but as always all opinions are my own**