Scavenging (with Decathlon)


I think Decathlon is great. It's like Ikea but with PE kit, and I really love both of those things, so their lovechild is obviously my dream. Mike and I have been known to meet in Decathlon to wander around, peruse the tents and consider whether this is the year to upgrade our sleeping mats (it is, a slow leak at a music festival is fun for no one), and I have fond memories of taking a deep breath and buying my first sports bra there when I decided to take up running.

Suffice to say I am a fan. Which means an invite to run around the store with a bunch of other bloggers was too good to be true. 

The competition was fierce as we careered around the store, uncovering all the hidden gems our clues led us to, even as a firm fan of Decathlon I had no idea they stocked quite so much specialist equipment for everything from karate to fly fishing to mountain biking to tennis. It slightly blew my mind that there are 20 different brands on offer, it really is a one stop shop. It was also slightly mind-blowing how well I knew my way around the could be argued I spend too much time there...

I have to admit the camping section is my favourite. Mike and I bought an amazing pop up tent there last year to take to Wilderness Festival (this one!) and it was great, so easy to put up, take down and roomy enough for two people and all their random crap (and a porch for muddy boots!). I would absolutely recommend it. As well as the little lanterns you can hook up inside your tent, oh and the travel towels! I swear by the travel towels - good value, quick drying and they pack down small. 

An hour later, our hunt completed, we had the opportunity to catch up with the Decathlon team, eat some delicious food and hear all about their plans for world domination! I see Decathlon as something that can contribute to democratising physical activity because it offers affordable, quality kit for 70 sports in one place. It's ideal whether you're just starting out (as I said, it's where I bought my first sports bra!), want to try something new or simply need a reliable bit of kit for your next camping trip. The company is also working to offer more free community events, such as the run series they hosted last year, building communities around their stores and opening up opportunities to get active to more people!

*I was invited to this event by the team at Decathlon, but all opinions are my own*