Academic Inspiration


Another essay written, another exam endured, another term done. Five terms down, just one to go, my time studying is passing quickly, although for the last few months has felt like a slog. Talking with classmates who have similar lives to me (full time jobs, grown up lives and studying) for all of us the excitement has worn off and life has become a bit of a treadmill - you keep going because you have to. Sometimes it's hard to know why we do it. Thankfully I had the best reminder this week when I headed to the launch of We Are Disrupt, a woman focused sport's agency founded by the amazing Emma Lax. It was so awesome to be in a room full of some of my favourite women in sport, to talk about the things that inspire to us and to listen to Ruqsana Begum talk candidly about her experiences in sport. After a few months of feeling quite jaded about all things sport I left Red Bull uplifted, reinvigorated and truly excited to get started on my research! It reminded me why I am passionate about women's sport and how I want my research to contribute to the path women in sport are forging.

Oh my research! Part of my masters is producing a 12,000 piece of extended research. Way back in December I had to submit a title/research area for approval. I knew I wanted to look into the relationship women have with sport so that bit was easy. It was signed off and job done. The next part was not so easy. I had to write a research proposal, 2,000 outlining my research and a literature review. It was a total head fuck. I had no idea where to start and spend weeks sitting in bed reading all sorts of random stuff trying to get my thoughts in some sort of order. At points I really felt like I'd never get there. But I did. I refined all the thoughts that were spinning through my head and came up with something I am really looking forward to exploring. I'm planning on sharing more about the journey here, but for now I'll give you the title - "You Got Chicked: Representations and Identities of Women in Ultrarunning". I cannot wait to talk to lots of awesome women and hear all their stories! If you've run an ultra please get in touch, I'd love to have a think about how we could work together. 

I am overjoyed that I've remembered my purpose when it comes to studying, why I'm interested in my subject and what motivates me to keep going. After a heavy, and at points dull, term it's amazing to be talking with passion again about my subject and to be looking forward to reading all the books I've hoarded from the library and asking all the questions so that I can understand more and talk more compellingly about the issues women in sport face.