Five Tips For Walking To Work


Walking to work is my favourite. There's something so lovely about getting out in the fresh air first thing in the morning and getting where you need to be under your own steam. Walking has a whole host of benefits (check out Twins in Trainers great blog post here) and it's a great way to get a bit more movement into your day without trying too hard. Plus you save on the bus fare (anyone else see this as bonus coffee money?!) and I don't know anyone who likes getting public transport to work. So often it's crowded, smelly and just unpleasant. Yuk. I am really privileged to live (just) within walking distance of my office, but even if you don't there are loads of options such as getting off public transport a little earlier in your journey and walking the last stretch! It's a much nicer way to start the day! I love it, so I thought I'd share a few of the things that help me get the most out of my walk.

1. dress for it - over time I've tweaked my work wardrobe to make it walking friendly, so there are lots of stretchy black trousers and tops I can layer under a waterproof and which are comfy to move in. On the days where I have to be a little smarter I tend to walk in in leggings and stash a dress and 'grown up' shoes in my backpack! 

2. invest in decent trainers - if you're going to be clocking up the miles in the morning be kind to your feet an put them in something comfy! I cringe a little when I see people walking to work in little pumps, they cannot be comfortable (or warm!), and I dread to think how sore their feet are at the end of the day. Instead try something light and flexible like these trainers from Strike Mvmnt. You'll thank me.

3. embrace the backpack life - I love backpacks. They're hands free (so it's easy to carry your coffee), there's loads of room for your work gear, Tupperware and PE kit and they're better for your back (as long as they are an appropriate weight and that weight is evenly distributed). I use this backpack every day and love it, but if you fancy something a little more professional Knomo do lovely backpacks that are perfect for the office.

4. grab a coffee - no walk to work is complete without a coffee to keep you going. 

5. plug into some podcasts - I love using my walk to work to catch up on podcasts and current favourites include The High Low, Get It Off Your Breasts and Don't Salt My Game. Fancy something running related? The Runner Beans has a great selection here. Oh and I hear The Mental Health Podcast is great...

What are your tips for walking to work? 

*image: Anna Rachel Photography*