Five Reasons To Love Winter Training


I keep saying it, but I love winter running! I have so many happy associations with training through the colder months, and ever since the air has become chillier I've been in the mood for a run! It's interesting, when I tell people that I like training in the cold the responses can be varied. Lots of people love it too, and lots of people think I'm mad, or praise my motivation and think they couldn't possibly do the same. I don't think I'm anything special, I've just shifted my outlook and found the good things in something that isn't always easy. If I can do that anyone can, and I've teamed up with The Winter Run Series to share five reasons why you should love winter training too! 

1. the temperature is just perfect - training through the summer is just so sweaty! Before you're half way out the door you're already a bit clammy and the chaffing, ALL OF THE CHAFFING. In the winter you just don't have those problems. Yep it's cold when you set out, but pretty quickly you'll get warm and you'll be the perfect temperature!

2. it gets you out, having adventures - through the colder months it can be so tempting to hole up at home, and lovely as it is to be cosy you need outdoor time for your soul! Winter running is all about getting outside and exploring new places. Somewhere you've always fancied visiting? Lace up your shoes and get out there.

3. it's better with friends - spring marathons mean winter training, which means you'll be able to find at least one buddy who'll conquer the cold with you! Some of my favourite memories are of clocking up the miles on a freezing Sunday morning with friends. Those runs are when real bonds are made.

4. brunch - cold winter runs need to be rewarded, and what better rewards are there then brunch?

5. warming up is the best - trust me when I say nothing beats getting home and getting into a steaming hot bubble bath with a cup or tea and some toast. I can feel the tingle on my toes as a I type! Even on the worst day the prospect of a hot bath totally makes it worth it!

Feeling inspired to take on the cold? Why join me at London Winter Run on Sunday 4 February 2018! General entries close at 23:59 on 6 December, and don't forget you can get £3 off with the code PRETTYPLACE3. Sign up here -  I can't wait to see you and hug all of the polar bears!

** Thanks to London Winter Run for their support!

**image: Anna Rachel Photography