Active Date: Rock Climbing


One of the things that Mike and I agreed when we moved in with each other was that we'd continue to make time for date night. However much the term 'date night' makes me cringe, it's become a bit of an institution in our relationship. When I was studying, and with Mike working weekends, we had to make the effort to spend time together. Now we live together it would be pretty easy to fall into a routine where we mostly talk about whether the bins need to be taken out. So date night is the solution. Time to hangout together, chat about things that aren't garbage...ok, well some of it is garbage. To keep the garbage conversation to a minimum we like dates where we do stuff, yep sometimes that means drinks and dinner, but we also like to get a bit more creative. A couple of weeks ago Mike and I were invited down to WestWay climbing centre for a 90 minute introduction in climbing session and we decided to make a date night of it. 

Turns out climbing is the ideal date. Learning a new skill together is a great way to bond with someone, especially if neither of you are sure what you're doing! Although I have climbed before it's been awhile, and what Mike lacked in experience he made up for in knowledge of knots, so we were on a pretty even footing - because of course these things are a competition. 

Our session started with a safety briefing and before we knew it we were climbing our first wall. The first one is the scary one, and it's a test of trust - Mike was my belay, and while I knew there were safety mechanisms in place, I also had to trust him. If that's not good for a relationship I don't know what is.  A few walls down and we both found our groove, while Mike surprised himself and scurried up some of the high walls, I was more into the bouldering walls where you navigate lower walls free from ropes. What can I say, I trust my body more than I trust ropes! 

WestWay is huge, around every corner there was to be a different wall to explore and the place was buzzing. A crucial element of date night is a good atmosphere, you don't want anything killing your vibe, and WestWay delivered. Plus the music was banging. That's also an important part of a good date night! Walking home I had the biggest smile, I'd spent the evening doing something fun with with the person I like the best, and that is what the perfect date night should be. 


** Thanks to Everyone Active for inviting Mike and I to climb at WestWay, all opinion my own.