Five Podcasts To Run To


I love podcasts. I'll almost always choose to listen to a podcast over music when I run, and I love how they keep me informed and open me up to new ideas and perspective. There are thousands of podcasts out there, and you can listen into every type of conversation about any topic imaginable. My favourite podcasts are ones that tell stories, explore culture and open you up to different perspectives. Oh and they're funny! Here are five of my favourite podcasts right now.

The Modern Manna weekly magazine show, the highlight of this podcast is the interviews. Olly Mann hunts out all sorts of interesting people and asks them to share their stories in interviews that are conversational and truly engaging. Bookending the interviews, Ollie Peart explores the weird and wonderful in trendland and Alix Fox talks all things sex. If you've not come across Alix before I'd recommend checking her out, she talks about sex and relationships in a really informed, sensible and non-judgemental way. Also her interviews are ace.

The High Lowmorphing the ridiculous and the sublime, journalists Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton present a podcasts that spans water-cooler gossip to hard-hitting cultural happenings. As someone who values both the trivial offered by a quality gossip page and the intellectual of a long read this one hits every button for me. There is after all no shame in enjoying all life has to offer.

Don't Salt My GameI don't profess to know much about nutrition, but I know I'm getting solid information when I listen to Laura Thomas, PhD. I also really like her no shit style, Scottish come American accent and we stole her quick fire questions for The Mental Health Podcast in an act of fan-girling. She also refers to herself as a recovering-academic, a stage in life I can only dream of.

Guys We F**ked - the podcast that got me into podcasts, although the slightly click-baity title has some truth to it (early episodes see presenters Corinne and Krystyna interviewing people they'd slept with), Guys We F**ked makes challenging and controversial topics accessible. Pro-woman, pro-choice and pro-sex this one is food for thought while being very funny. 

Badass Women's Hourthree women, one hour and a whole lot of badass. Badass women's hour features a whole host of bold, inspiring women in discussion about topical issues. These are reflective conversations that may get you thinking about things a little bit differently, challenging your perceptions, and probably laughing. I love the closing section where they reflect on a backdated badass - a woman from history who just hasn't received the recognition they deserve! 

What are your favourite podcasts?

*images: Anna Rachel Photography