A Day In The Life Of A Blogger


A couple of weeks ago I asked the Instagram community what they'd ask me if they could ask me anything. There were some great questions, and you can check out my answers here, but a couple of questions really needed their own posts to do them justice. This is one of them! 

Although there isn't really such thing as a typical day in my life - I can be working from home, at the office or on the move on any given day - there is a routine to my week days and, in the end, they all kind of run the same way. So here it is! 

6am - alarm goes off. I snooze it a few times and eventually get up. My morning routine beauty routine is pretty quick and easy - shower, dry shampoo, skincare over make up always. Quite a lot I skip make up all together, it's driven by laziness more than anything. My outfit choices are usually driven by laziness too, always loose dresses or a shirt and skinny jeans. I usually take 10-15 minutes to check in on social media and do any 'blogmin' that's needed.

7.15am - out the house, coffee in hand, podcast in ears. I try to walk to work as often as I can, it's my absolute favourite way to start the day and an easy way to get some movement into my day without too much effort. My route isn't especially exciting, but I get to be outside, and life is always better when you've been outside! 

8.30am - get into the office (after at least 5 minutes worrying I've forgotten my security pass), set up my desk and eat breakfast while I check my emails. Breakfast is the same every day - branflakes, wheaties, yoghurt and dried fruit - yes it sounds boring, but it's an easy way to save a bit of time and it hits all the basis for me. It also means my meds have a comfy base to land on, don't take anxiety meds on an empty stomach, it never ends well. As well as my meds I pop a multi-vitamin, a probiotic and maybe some effervescent vitamin C, if I'm feeling run down.

9-12 noon - werk, werk werk. I have a job that needs a reasonable amount of concentration and thought, so I get my head down and my headphones in and get some stuff done.


 LUNCHTIME - if there are leftovers lunch is leftovers, if there aren't I head to Spire's for stew. I like that there's not much choice (again, saving myself some brain time) and that everything is nutritious and tasty. The staff are also super lovely, and they do a coffee subscription. So often I'll get some coffee too. Nine times out of 10 I'll eat at my desk while browsing websites and doing blogmin (replying to emails, thinking up concepts for posts). Occasionally I try to get away and read a book, but I'm not very disciplined about it.

1-3pm - rinse and repeat with the work thing.

3pm - snack time. I am trying not to fall back on sugar for my afternoon snack. It's easy to do and never makes me feel good. So instead I'll reach of one of these or grab some fruit. Third coffee of the day is more likely than not.

4.30pm - out the door. Although I do work late sometimes I really try not to, long hours are no good for anyone! A quick change and I'm ready to run home, taking the scenic route that racks up around 5 miles. I love running through areas of London I don't know very well and exploring new places, and my run commute is the perfect excuse for a micro adventure.

5.30pm - home!


EVENING - I love evenings at home. My flat is my happy place, it makes me feel calm and safe and there's nowhere I'd rather be. A typical evening at home would be taking a bath, blogging while Mike cooks dinner (we live and die by Hello Fresh) and then a box set. I'll usually work in some foam rolling and a few mobility exercises too, just because.

10pm - to bed. I don't always sleep well, so keeping a routine is really important to me and when 10pm rolls around its time to brush my teeth and snuggle up in bed. 

So there you go, a fairly typical day. It's not particularly exciting, and some days are more glam than others, but I love routine and this really works for me in terms of helping me to feel content and happy, which is the ultimate goal.

What does your average day look like?

*images: Anna Rachel Photography