Five Things I Learnt From Studying While Working


I still need to pinch myself when I think about my studies being over. For two years my life was a tricky balancing act of work, studying and life. It was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done, and also one of the most rewarding. I’ve learnt so much, and not just about the economics of football or the sociology of gender in sport.

1. That I am capable of far more than I expected – a few years ago I wouldn’t have believed you if you’d have told me I’d spend two years working and studying, although I also wouldn’t have believed you if you’d have told me I’d run marathons and have dreams of taking on an ultra. It’s surprised and delighted me how hard I can work, it makes me feel tough

2. That letting go of FOMO is the best – it’s been tough saying no to things I’ve really wanted to do over the last couple of years, but it’s also been nice to let go of any sense of FOMO and to focus on my own goals.

3. I’m pretty clever – I have always doubted my intelligence and felt like the stupid friend, despite have some pretty impressive qualifications under my belt. The support I received at Birkbeck really helped me realise that I really am pretty clever, it’s an awesome feeling.

4. That academics give me a sense of achievement I can’t find anywhere else, not even running (although that comes a close second)

5. That I have to look after the basics – eating well, staying hydrated and getting enough rest are the cornerstones of my wellbeing, without those three things I am useless.

*image: Anna Rachel Photography*