A Note: My #BadAssLadyGang


I'm a sponge. I suck up the energy of those around me. If my nearest and dearest are stressed, angry or upset, well then I'm the same. It doesn't serve me very well, and left unchecked the negative emotions of other people can rule my life. Which isn't very good when you're already a pretty emotional person. However, being a sponge can have it's upsides. Surround yourself with positive, creative and challenging people and you'll be inspired to be the same. Luckily I've got a #BadAssLadyGang (I'm pretty sure I stole that from Kelly Roberts) of amazing women whose vibes build me up and encourage positive bad assery (totally a word) to ensue. Check them out to boost your bad ass superpowers. 

Corey - Corey is the most energetic person I know, and it is all good vibes which embrace you in a cuddle as warm as the Florida sun (where she now lives), both literally and metaphorically. I am so grateful this awesome women landed in my life like a tornado.

Elle - the original bad ass, the only person I can stop for snacks with mid-run and one of my favourite PTs. If Elle has chosen you you know you're alright, she's discerning, upright and will challenge what she thinks in wrong in the world. 

Helen - the inspiration behind this post, a woman who truly stands up and speaks for what she believes in, even when the internet turns nasty. My partner in the electric slide and increasingly drunken rants about women in sport (primarily at award shows, but we're not picky).

Laureen - my beloved co-host whose voice messages make my day special. The energy that comes out of this woman when she's excited is something else, and without her The Mental Health Podcast would not have happened (her regular messages demanding to know 'so when are we doing this' had a huge part to play!).

Charlie - A total hustler, I've been so impressed at how this woman has changed her life in the last few years, changing careers, building The Runner Beans into an awesome brand and generally working her (running) socks off). 

Carly - Carly and I didn't get around to meeting until this year, but it felt like we were old friends, and her amazing positive energy just fills a room! I really wish we lived in the same city and I am inspired by how she actively strives to choose happy and uses her voice to challenge inequality in a really constructive way. 

* image: Anna Rachel Photography