A Note: Backpackers


I often think about why I run, about what motivates me to put on my trainers and head outdoors to get the miles under my feet, and the thing I always come back to is community. Running has given me an amazing sense of community. I love how it attracts people from all walks of life to come together and share in something meaningful. I've found my community in different places at different times. The amazing women of Team Naturally got me through my first marathon, the crews at Lululemon and We Heart Living taught me that my passion is supporting others, and now Backpackers have given me a home. The kinship I feel to this motley crew extends well beyond the the hour or so we spend putting one foot in front of another, it matters to me that we're about more than running, that we create a space to be open, to talk and to support. We create this by celebrating achievements, reaching out in difficult times, breaking bread together and making time for each other. They say running is a family, I've definitely found mine. Thank you Backpackers for being my crew. 

Who's your running family? Don't have one yet? Come and join ours - 6.30 for a 7pm start, Lululemon Regent's Street, every Thursday.