Five Ways I Stay Well When Travelling


In the last year or so I've started travelling a lot more for work, and at least once a week I find myself on a cross-country training going to some meeting or other. I love my job, but between spending hours sitting on trains and long days I often find myself feeling run down and sluggish. As travel is such a huge part of my role I figured I should work out what I could do to stay on top form while on the move, and I've come up with a few great hacks!

1. Pack your breakfast to go - if you're getting up early to catch a train it can be so easy just to grab something to go at the train station, and usually that something ends up being pretty unhealthy! I've got into the habit of packing my breakfast to go, it's just bran flakes, yoghurt (doesn't spill like milk!) and fruit, but it fills me up, saves me money and I get a few extra minutes in bed because I don't have to stop at a coffee shop for a muffin!

2. Walk to your meeting - yes, you might have to sit on a train for a couple of hours to get to your meeting, but rather than hopping in a cab at the station have a look and see if you can walk there instead! I've had the opportunity to explore so many great cities just by walking from the train station to wherever my meeting is being held!

3. Carry snacks - I ALWAYS carry snacks! I'm useless if I'm hungry and it's not always easy (or possible) to find healthy snacks on the go. I've rounded up some of my favourite snacks here and Balanced Tourist offers a great box packed with everything you need to stay well on the go.

4. Hydrate - it's so easy to forget to drink when you're rushing about and I find carrying a water bottle with me helps remind me that I need water. I love my Sigg water bottle because it's virtually indestructible, and most cafes will fill your bottle up for you when you've drunk it dry.

5. Take your vitamins - sitting in any enclosed space with lots of other people is always going to expose you to lots of germs, especially at this time of the year! I'm not normally precious about these things, but with so many colds flying around I am making the effort to dose up on vitamin C (I'm a big fan of Emergen-C) and using ColdZyme to ward off those dreaded bugs! Oh, and of course washing my hands lots! 

What are your hacks for staying healthy while travelling? 

*image: Anna Rachel Photography*