Vieve Protein Water

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Although I don't use supplements religiously, from time to time I dabble with protein powders. It's usually when I've been working particularly hard and feel like my body needs a little extra to help it recover. Over the years I've tried all sorts of things, from shakes to bars, and most of the time they've had a weird texture or taste which has always been a bit off putting. Plus I'm not the hugest fan of milkshakes, so I'm not naturally drawn to anything too 'milky'. Although I'm not doing enough training to mean I need supplements right now, I was curious when I came across Vieve Protein Water - a sugar free drink that contains 20g protein. No faff, no mess and some curious sounding flavours, I figured it could be a game changer, so Mike and I put it to the test! 

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First up was Coconut Honey, although it smelt a little strange (the best description I can think of is something similar to meringue), it actually tasted pretty good as the coconut balanced out the sweet flavours of the honey. Mike was a fan, describing it as 'pina colada-y', and you know something is good if he is drawing parallels with a cocktail! Overall a very respectable 8/10!  


Strawberry Rhubarb was far and away our favourite flavour, particularly because it was the only one that didn't smell a bit strange (which can be a teeny bit off putting when you're drinking something!). It also tasted great! We gave it a winning 9/10!


Citrus, Apple and Mint was probably our least favourite flavour of the three. While the mint and the citrus flavours were strong, there wasn't much apple, which was a bit disappointing! It was also mega sweet and smelt a bit strange, so I'm not sure how refreshing it would be after a work out. 7/10.

Overall we were pretty impressed with Vieve, the idea of a Protein Water rather than a powdery, milky drink is really innovative and we loved how creative the flavours were (and that the company donates a portion of its profits to Mind, a charity we're both really passionate about). On the downside we both found the drinks a little too sweet for our taste, surprising give they're been certified sugar free by Sweetwise! That aside, I don't think it would put me off grabbing a Strawberry Rhubarb drink next time I workout hard! 

Have you tried Protein Water? What did you think?

*Vieve kindly send us some samples to put to the test, but all opinions are our own.*