52 Weeks


It feels like a very long time since I last wrote a blog post and I miss blogging. I started my blog as a way to keep track of the good stuff that happened in life. It was a pretty simple mission at a time when life was pretty bleak and I needed to be reminded that life wasn't nearly as bleak as I thought it was. Over time things developed, and as I started running more I wrote about that and my blog took off for a bit, but in the last couple of years I've been less focused as my attention has been needed in other parts of my life. I've really struggled with it, I love my blog but I've not known what to write. I've felt like posts are insincere and like my creativity has been sapped, or at least redirected in to an essay of some sort for university. I've fought with myself over it, at points wondering if I should abandon my blog altogether, kicking myself for 'failing'. I'm sure it's taken up more of my energy than it should, and definitely more than it would take to write the odd post. 

Over Christmas I spent time reflecting, with time off work and uni it was an opportunity to get my head straight after a chaotic and intense year, to work out where I wanted to be with my life. I worked through all sorts of things, but one thing I realised is that I still want to write and I still want to share my life. That I like the idea of chronicling the good things that happen, and that actually due to my tendency to worry I need to - I have an awful habit of only remembering things that have been difficult. I thought about some of the blogs I love, and they're nearly all diaries, they tell stories about the lives of the women who write them and share their experiences. I realised I want that for my blog. So thats where 52 weeks comes in. I reckon I can commit, realistically, to writing one blog post a week for a year about what's going on in my life. I realised it doesn't need to be fancy, but that it will help me reflect more on my life and my experiences, which I can benefit from - when you're someone who sometimes fights with dark clouds you need  to invest some effort in to focusing on the stuff that is good and working through the things that are harder. It's a pretty simple thing, but it's surprisingly easy to forget. 

So, here's to 52 weeks of storytelling.