Sweaty And Social

If you've dropped by recently, follow me on social media or have even seen me in the street then you'll know that I've got some serious love for WeTRAIN. I feel like London has been crying out for great quality personal training that's affordable and accessible, something you just don't get in gyms and WeTRAIN has filled that gap. It's genuinely offering something that hasn't really been available before.

However, the thing that really makes WeTRAIN stand out is that it's social. It's all about getting your mates together and working out. Whether you're hitting Bloody Mary yoga on a Saturday morning, or heading to Functional Fitness before a cheeky glass of wine, WeTRAIN is about making fitness social. Nothing beats working out with your friends, I know it's one of my favourite things to do, and I love that WeTRAIN makes it so easy - as demonstrated by their awesome launch party! There were workouts (barre! yoga!), there was food (brownies! smoothies! prosecco! delicious salad pot things) and there were inspirational talks. It was all my favourite things in one place. 

We all got to choose two workouts to try. Because I've done Elle's functional fitness class a few times I opted for yoga (I'm on such a yoga kick at the moment) and barre. Although the sessions were a little shorter than normal (30 minutes instead of 45) I got a really good feel for the classes. Katie's yoga class was sweaty and dynamic, it made your work, and Hillary's barre class was so much fun - that is a lady with a gigantic personality, and she really uses it when she teaches, you cannot leave anything other than happy. 

It was also fantastic to hear from CEO Adrian about how the company came into being, what it aims to achieve and where it's going. It's off to such an amazing start and it feels like there's a bright future ahead, I'm really looking forward to seeing how it grows and how it gets more people to see working out differently, as something that is fun, social and crucially within reach.