We Train At The Pub

How do you treat your workout? Is it a necessary evil that needs to be got through? Is it an escape from everyday life? Are you training or something? Or is it an excuse to hang out with your mates and have a bit of fun, possibly (probably) before heading to the pub? 

For me, and I suspect like most people, my workouts are a mixtures of all of the above. However, I know which ones I like the best - the ones where I get to hang out with my friends, doing something we love (or trying something new), possibly with a swift drink or a meal to follow. There's something about working out with people that creates a great atmosphere, and I'm a big believer that the best nights out start with a workout.

A couple of weeks ago I got to chat to a guy called Adrian who's the CEO company called WeTrain. I've mentioned WeTrain here before, and a lot on my social media feeds, but in short it's a company offering small group (no more than 8 people) shared personal training. Adrian explained to me how WeTrain aims to bring the social back into working out, how it's about getting your mates together, having fun and then heading to the pub. Basically it's all about my favourite workout!

Knowing that I'm a yoga bunny in training, the team at WeTrain suggested I check out their Bloody Mary Yoga class on a Saturday morning - a sweaty dynamic class led by Gandha Savio, and conveniently located in a pub so you can have a drink afterwards. If you've never dabbled in mixing your social life with fitness it's a pretty good place to start. 

This class was a real treat, Gandha is a great teacher, and because there was just two of us in class (yes, TWO!) she was able to really help us get the most out of our practice. It was amazing to have the full attention of a teacher for a whole class. It also meant that Gandha was able to really tailor the class to our needs so that it served us well. I can't stop saying it, but it was amazing. If you've never had near one-on-one yoga teaching before you should, it's great, really great. 

After class we headed down to the bar for, predictably, a Bloody Mary (well actually a Virgin Mary for me, I had stuff to do that afternoon) and a natter. It was lovely to get to know Gandha and Ana better over a drink. Imagine it, what could be nicer than yoga and a drink with your friends? In fact, if 8 of  you got together you could have a class all to yourselves! (WeTrain classes never have more than 8 people in them).