Runners Need x Pure Boost X Trial


Lately I've really been missing running with a group. At one point last year I don't think I was doing any of my runs alone, but these days circumstances mean I just don't get the opportunity so often, but when I do I jump at it!

A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to Reshape, Run and Party with Runner's Need and Adidas to test out the Adidas Pure Boost X trainer - an opportunity to train, run and have some fun with some awesome women? There was no way I was saying no! 

I'll admit, the idea of the first part of the evening - Reshape at 1Rebel - did intimidate me slightly. There's something about idea of those intense interval classes that I find mildly terrifying - what if I'm the worst in the class?! - but I am so glad I took a deep breath and was brave, because Reshape was brilliant!

We were led by the awesome Melissa Weldon who has a real knack for 'supportive motivation', you just get the sense she believes in you and is truly focused on this being your workout and not a competition. The Pure Boost X was perfect for the workout as well, it's super lightweight and flexible with a sock-like feel, so it really works with you through the rapid, agile movements that a HIIT workout demands, and it's just as suited to floor work as it is to the treadmill. The floating arch did take a little getting used to, but once I settled into it it was fine. There was such a great vibe in that hot sweaty room, and I'll definitely be back for more (especially because 1Rebel is on ClassPass!). 

Reshape done and it was off for a nice, gentle 3km run led by Adrienne to really test out the Pure Boost X's running credentials. This is where the Boost technology really came in handy, because after a workout like Reshape you need all the help you can get! Boost's energy-returning properties keep your run charged with lots of lovely, fast energy, which definitely makes lighter work of your run. It also meant that I had energy for a chat with Elle! Seriously, I've missed running with that one so much, and it was such a joy to spend the whole evening hanging out, working out and having fun with great people! It really makes me want to make time to train in a group more often (another great reason to have ClassPass, nope not sponsored by them, just continually reminding myself why it's worth the money!).

Post run it was time to party at Runners Need Kings Cross, there was food, there were smoothies, there was a Photo Booth (with proper pictures!) that Elle an I got really quite into! It was a blast and really the only downside was having to return the Pure Boost X trainers I was wearing at the end - they're definitely on my wishlist as versatile and stylish trainers that I really could wear anywhere.

**all images courtesy of RunnersNeed**